Reiki with Horses is Magical

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a Reiki class at Rising Starr Horse Rescue (RSHR) to help their rescued horse heal from trauma, abuse, and neglect.

Rescued horses Hoorah and Brandi

RSHR's rescued horses often arrive confused, afraid, malnourished, and shut down. Sharing Reiki with these courageous beings helped them feel safe, honored, and loved.

The class shared Reiki with all the horses at RSHR. However, Samson and Goliath came forward to demonstrate how easily and quickly animals respond to the heart energy of Reiki.

The horses illustrated how magical it can be when we radiate the heart energy of Reiki.

In the video, you see the group doing a standing Reiki meditation outside Samson and Goliath's paddock (Goliath isn't in the video).

When we arrived, Samson and Goliath were distressed by the biting flies and didn't acknowledge the group's presence. In less than 2 minutes, both enthusiastically trotted to the fence where we were standing, ignoring the flies.

Sharing Reiki with animals isn't a one-way street. As you can see in the video, Samson shared Reiki with the class, blessing them with his loving-kindness.

Although you can't see Goliath, he laid down on the ground and rolled over, which is a vulnerable position for a horse. At that moment, he communicated how much he enjoyed receiving Reiki and felt safe.

The group's compassionate presence showed these brave horses that they could trust humans again, giving them a brighter future.

When I teach Reiki with Animals and Animal Communication, I recognize that the ones doing the teaching are the animals, and I'm facilitating their teachings and wisdom.

I'm grateful to horse teachers Samson and Goliath and the rest of the RSHR herd, who showed us how in tune they are with Reiki.

Want to learn more about how Reiki can help your pets?

You're invited to my monthly Animal Reiki Share on September 7th at 8 pm via Zoom to share Reiki meditation with animals worldwide. I hope you and your pets can join us so you, too, can feel the magic of Reiki. Novices and all Reiki levels and lineages are welcome.


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