Dolphins Visit My Hometown in Connecticut

As I meditated at Compo Beach, I sensed the presence of dolphins.

To my surprise and delight, a pod of dolphins were swimming in a lagoon, not far from where I was sitting.

Photo by Gina Oliveira Beranek

During a recent warm late winter's day, Yogi Bear and I headed off to the beach to share a walking meditation. We love walking together along Long Island Sound, feeling our hearts connected as one and communing with Mother Nature. 

After our walk, we sat down on a bench that faced westward towards Saugatuck Island, a residential enclave with small lagoons.

As I sat there with an open heart, I began receiving a vivid sense of dolphins. I immediately recognized their loving and joyous energy since I've communicated with dolphins for over 25 years. Plus, I have swam with numerous pods of Spinner Dolphins in Hawaii. I feel a deep connection with dolphins as they have been an integral part of my spiritual journey.

I enjoyed visualizing a pod of dolphins appearing before me as their magical energy surrounded me. I envisioned myself a dolphin leaping, spinning, and sharing love and joy with the pod of dolphins.

As we were frolicking together, I received the following telepathic message from the dolphins:

"We came to Westport today to elevate the energy to a higher vibration of love. Our mission is to work tirelessly to create more peace, love, and compassion as we remind humans of their spiritual essence."

After spending 10 minutes or so imagining that I was one with dolphins in Long Island Sound, I returned my focus and awareness to Yogi Bear and the present moment.

As I reflected on my seemingly random dolphin encounter, my logical mind dismissed the notion that dolphins would ever come to Westport because it's rare to see dolphins in this part of Long Island Sound. 

However, as a long-time Animal Communicator, I've learned to trust my intuitive self and the telepathic messages I receive.

After returning home, I discovered that an actual pod of three white-beaked dolphins was swimming in a small lagoon at the same time and location I felt their joyful energy. I was overjoyed knowing that I had sensed their presence and was heart-connected.

The next day, I went to the lagoon in hopes of seeing them but sensed they had moved on.

I'm grateful this special pod of dolphins came for a visit to share their love and light with my community and me. I appreciate all that they do to help humans become more benevolent and loving beings.


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