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Dolphins Visit My Hometown in Connecticut

As I meditated at Compo Beach, I sensed the presence of dolphins. To my surprise and delight, a pod of dolphins were swimming in a lagoon, not far from where I was sitting. Photo by Gina Oliveira Beranek During a recent warm late winter's day, Yogi Bear and I headed off to the beach to share a walking meditation. We love walking together along Long Island Sound, feeling our hearts connected as one and communing with Mother Nature.  After our walk, we sat down on a bench that faced westward towards Saugatuck Island, a residential enclave with small lagoons. As I sat there with an open heart, I began receiving a vivid sense of dolphins. I immediately recognized their loving and joyous energy since I've communicated with dolphins for over 25 years. Plus, I have swam with numerous pods of Spinner Dolphins in Hawaii. I feel a deep connection with dolphins as they have been an integral part of my spiritual journey. I enjoyed visualizing a pod of dolphins appearing before me as their