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Reiki Helps Shelter Animals

Cathy with a shelter kitten This month, the Connecticut Humane Society (CHS) chose to spotlight my volunteer work as an animal Reiki practitioner at their Westport shelter.  I'm grateful to this progressive animal welfare organization for recognizing how sharing animal Reiki and animal communication helps ease shelter animals' stress, fear, and anxiety. It also helps animals to feel safe and develop trust which can make them more adoptable.  This is what CHS shared about my role as an Animal Reiki practitioner: Volunteer role: Animal Reiki practitioner Length of service: 3 months I started volunteering because…I love animals and want to help shelter animals with animal Reiki and animal communication. My favorite part of volunteering is…seeing the animals relax when I offer them Reiki, which is meditating with them for healing. Machin the Ferret My most memorable volunteer experience is…helping Machin the ferret with Reiki because he had dental issues and then seeing him find hi

Conversations with a Parrot

As an animal communicator, my job is to translate pets' thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints so their people can better understand them. I communicate with animals using the silent language of telepathy, which means feeling another soul or spirit over a distance. I use verbal language with humans. Ziggy I recently spoke with a longtime client, Julie* and her 3-year-old jenday conure parrot, Ziggy*, about several behavioral issues that stemmed from misunderstanding each other. I first met Ziggy at the bird rescue the day Julie adopted him a couple of years ago. He is a sweet guy, full of sunshine and joy. Julie wants nothing more than Ziggy's happiness. His wings are intact so he can fly around the house, and she gives him the freedom to walk on the floor and play with toys. Julie felt that giving him access outside his birdhouse was an act of love. Previous animal communication sessions with Ziggy focused on healing two potentially dangerous and life-threatening behaviors. The fi