Learn how to tune into the powerful wisdom and magic of animals and Nature

Summer is a potent time to strengthen your heart connection with animals and Nature.

A fantastic way to do this is by using meditation. 

When we experience meditation with the help and guidance of animals and Nature, it creates an open-hearted, peaceful, balanced state of being. Animals are grateful when we are peaceful, balanced, and peacefully present. A fun and easy way to access this special healing space is by meditating with animals.

Animals are masterful meditation teachers who show us the way to deeper listening and awareness of our spiritual essence and oneness with all life. 

Why? Because it's how the animals live. 

Animals teach us to recognize the importance of always living in our heart centers and being present in the moment. When we are in this space, we become grounded, calmly present, and heart magnates to the animals. Animals also reap the benefits meditation brings, like deep relaxation, stress reduction, and overall wellness. Plus, meditation with animals brings about healing and transformation for humans and animals. 

When I first started meditating over thirty years ago, I found myself getting too much in my head and struggled to stay focused on my heart center.  Then I discovered meditation with animals as I developed my Animal Communication skills since meditation is an essential tool to reclaiming your telepathic abilities and increasing your intuition.

When I studied Animal Reiki and the Let Animals Lead® method with Kathleen Prasad and became an Animal Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, I discovered practicing Animal Reiki is essentially meditating with animals for healing and self-discovery, just like animal communication.

Since then, with the animals' and Nature's help and guidance, my meditation practice became more effortless, meaningful, and a whole lot more fun. Meditating with animals gives me more flexibility, creativity and enhances my animal communication and Reiki skills while increasing my inner peace, balance, and compassion.

Another aspect of meditating with animals that I enjoy is freeing myself from the notion that I must always sit still with my eyes closed in a quiet room to meditate effectively. The goal of meditation is to bring peaceful heart energy into every moment of our life, not just for a few minutes a day while you "formally meditate."  

While there are many different meditation methods, here are three easy ways to mediate with animals:

Sitting Meditation

Many people find it easier to start a sitting meditation practice with their animal family because it can be less distracting. Whenever I communicate telepathically or share Reiki with an animal, the animal is always in control of how they respond to our meditation practice. It's always up to the animal because it empowers them, helps them feel safe, and allows us to work in partnership with them. Plus, it builds trust and strengthens our relationship. 

You must let your animal do whatever feels most comfortable to them when you meditate with them. It's essential you release expectations of how you want your animal to respond. Whether they sit next to you or choose to be in a separate room, you need to trust that your animal is keenly aware of your meditation practice and the energy you're creating with it. 

Standing Meditation

As you become more relaxed doing sitting meditation with your animals, you may want to venture outside to experience standing meditation. This can be done by finding a quiet place in Nature to stand and feel your deep connection to Mother Earth and all her Nature spirits. 

As you stand in Nature, breathe deeply and easily. Open up your senses and childlike curiosity. Image roots growing out your feet like a wise old tree that will keep you grounded and present. As you continue to breathe from your heart center, located in the center of your chest, gently notice all the plants and wildlife around you. Share a sense of gratitude for the birds, bees, and trees as you allow this loving energy to radiate and shine outward from your heart center. 

Another way to do a standing meditation is to stand quietly next to a field of horses or cows where you softly observe them from a safe distance. Just simply be one with the herd in the present moment and remain open to receive their healing love and light. 

Sometimes I like to stand in Nature with my arms spread wide like an eagle soaring. I set my intention to be open and receptive to whatever I need in the present moment. As I breathe, I radiate my love and appreciation for Mother Nature and her sentient beings outward from my heart center like the sun. Then I quietly wait to see what surprise awaits. I simply listen with an open heart feeling my oneness with all of life. And like magic, encountering a butterfly or a bunny hopping nearby takes on a deeper meaning. 

Walking Meditation

My favorite way to meditate is walking with my dog, Yogi Bear. As we walk connected by our leash, we stay quietly present in the moment, embracing our heart connection and observing what's around us. In these moments, we feel a strong sense of interconnectedness and oneness with Nature. 

During our walking meditation, we stay open to seeing different wildlife and hearing their wisdom. For example, we saw a pair of bald eagles and chicks soaring above us during a morning walking meditation. We also spied an osprey nest, which we hadn't noticed a couple of days before. 

The more you meditate with animals and Nature, the more you develop your own empathy and compassion. In other words, Meditation with animals helps us to be better human beings.

Want to learn more about and experience the power of meditating with animals? 

My upcoming class, The Art of Meditating with Animals, teaches you about the joy, healing, and transformation that comes when you meditate with animals. 


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