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Learn how to tune into the powerful wisdom and magic of animals and Nature

Summer is a potent time to strengthen your heart connection with animals and Nature. A fantastic way to do this is by using meditation.  When we experience meditation with the help and guidance of animals and Nature, it creates an open-hearted, peaceful, balanced state of being.  Animals are grateful when we are peaceful, balanced, and peacefully present. A fun and easy way to access this special healing space is by meditating with animals. Animals are masterful meditation teachers who show us the way to deeper listening and awareness of our spiritual essence and oneness with all life.  Why? Because it's how the animals live.  Animals teach us to recognize the importance of always living in our heart centers and being present in the moment. When we are in this space, we become grounded, calmly present, and heart magnates to the animals. Animals also reap the benefits meditation brings, like deep relaxation, stress reduction, and overall wellness. Plus, meditation with animals bring