Animals want you to trust your intuiton

Do you trust your intuition?

You should. 

As the pandemic wears on with no end in sight, we need to trust our gut and inner voice now more than ever to keep us safe.  I'm depending on my intuitive senses to help me navigate the new normals that don't feel normal at all. 
Animals are wise teachers and guides on how to respond to imminent danger. Animals rarely hesitate to react to the energy around them because they know the best way to keep safe is to always listen to their instincts.  

Cats are great examples of how to stay present in the moment. If they feel specific energy is a threat, they quickly move away from it.  

As I like to say, "Humans are inclined to run towards danger while non-human animals tend to run away from it."

All animals, including humans, are born with instincts that guide us in how to respond at any given moment. Gut instincts, inner knowing, hunches, or "spidey senses" are our internal guidance system that alerts us when there is imminent danger. 

As adults, it can be challenging to trust our intuition because we are taught that logic and reason are more important than feelings and gut hunches. Children and animals tend to be more in touch with their instincts because they don't know any different. Therefore, we have to consciously work at reclaiming our ability to recognize and react to our "spidey senses." 

Recognizing your intuition is about listening and trusting yourself at a deep spiritual level. Thankfully, animals continue to show us how to connect, trust and listen to our gut. 

Two great ways to develop your intuitive awareness is by practicing Animal Reiki and Animal Communication. When you quiet your mental chatter and worry, communicating telepathically and offering Reiki gives you direct access to your intuition.

When you practice Animal Reiki and Animal Communication, you naturally connect with your intuitive self.  The good news is, once you recognize your "spidey senses," the easier it is to listen and respond to its wisdom and guidance.

I hope you and your animal family continue to stay safe and above all, trust your intuition.


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