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Heart Hugs Help You and Your Pet

Strengthening your heart connection will help you and your pets through these challenging times.  TTouch Heart Hugs are an easy way to connect your heart with your animal family. As we adjust to the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, our animal families are calling upon us to take good care of ourselves. If we don't, then we won't be able to take good care of them.  One of the challenges we are experiencing to stem the tide of the pandemic is practicing physical and distancing to protect ourselves and our loved ones. It's hard being isolated. Thank goodness we don't have social distancing with our animal families. Animals feel an excellent way to cope with social distancing is to be in your heart center. One way to access your heart chakra is to give yourself and animal a TTouch Heart Hug. Created by  Linda Tellington-Jones , TTouch is a system of gentle circular touches that activate the body's potential at a cellular level. Heart hug

5 COVID-19 Survival Tips for You and Your Pet

Together, We Will Get Through The Covid-19 Pandemic.