Traveling with a Surrogate Pet Brings Tremendous Comfort

When traveling, I often suggest my human clients take a surrogate pet to help them feel connected to their animal family. Using a surrogate pet can bring you and your animals' comfort despite being physically apart.

Before Roz left on a 3-week cruise in South America, we spoke with her two dogs, Beau and Austen during an Animal Communication session to prepare them. 

During our conversation, I communicated to the dogs that their moms would be gone for three weeks and reassured them that they would return. I also suggested to Roz that she bring along a stuffed animal to act as a surrogate for her pets. 

Roz loved the idea and found Mr. Fuddle-Wuddle while on her cruise.

When Roz returned home, she shared the following:
I asked Cathy, the Animal Muse to help me prepare my dogs for being left at home while I traveled on a three-week vacation. She communicated reassurance to my dogs and suggested that I take a stuffed dog to be a surrogate for my two boys. Cathy told me it would keep me company and my dogs would feel it when I looked at it and thought of them. 
I acquired a small, stuffed animal that traveled with me. It must have worked because I came home to two happy and well-adjusted dogs. Thanks to Cathy, the Animal Muse.
Mr. Fuddle-Wuddle brought Roz tremendous peace and comfort on her long trip. Grateful, she gave me a Mr. Fuddle-Wuddle.

Cathy and Bodhi with Mr. Fuddle-Wuddle


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