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Dogs Benefit from Animal Communication and Reiki

Luigi and Pierre I recently met with seven-year-old littermates, Luigi and Pierre. Their parents, Donna and Ned, wanted to better understand their dogs' behavior and health, so they scheduled an in-person Animal Communication and Reiki session. Donna shared the following, My husband, dog, and I met Cathy at an art event awhile ago. She read my dog right there and figured out that he did not like going to the dog park at all. She later remotely read Pierre and told me why he would run away when I coughed or cleared my throat. When my veterianarian and I were confused about how to care for my other dog, Luigi, I decided to hire the “Animal Muse” for a full reading and an Animal Reiki session.  We first talked with Luigi because Donna and Ned were concerned about his health and overall wellbeing. When I asked Luigi how he was feeling, he showed me pain in his front right leg and trouble walking. It felt like arthritis. Donna confirmed he suffered from arthritis and has

Traveling with a Surrogate Pet Brings Tremendous Comfort

When traveling, I often suggest my human clients take a surrogate pet to help them feel connected to their animal family. Using a surrogate pet can bring you and your animals' comfort despite being physically apart. Before Roz left on a 3-week cruise in South America, we spoke with her two dogs, Beau and Austen during an Animal Communication session to prepare them.  During our conversation, I communicated to the dogs that their moms would be gone for three weeks and reassured them that they would return. I also suggested to Roz that she bring along a stuffed animal to act as a surrogate for her pets.  Roz loved the idea and found Mr. Fuddle-Wuddle while on her cruise. When Roz returned home, she shared the following: I asked Cathy, the Animal Muse to help me prepare my dogs for being left at home while I traveled on a three-week vacation. She communicated reassurance to my dogs and suggested that I take a stuffed dog to be a surrogate for my two boys. Cathy told

5 Powerful Ways to Share with Your Heart Animal

Happy Valentine's Day Bodhi Bear Is Cathy's Valentine Valentine's Day is about celebrating love and relationships, including with your animal family. When it comes to unconditional love, no one loves you better than your heart animals.  Here are 5 powerful ways to tell your animal you love them: Visualize your hearts connected as you feel the unconditional love you have for your animal. Do something your animal loves to do, like take a walk or share a delicious treat. Book an Animal Reiki session to bring them peace and relaxation. Share your hearts during an Animal Communication session.  Learn Animal Communication and Reiki to show them how important they are. Your animal family will appreciate and thank you for giving them a voice in your relationship.