Animal Communication Is Not A One Sided Conversation

An Animal Communication Session is a Dialogue Between You and Your Animal.

Many times clients say to me, "I don't want to give you too much information because I'm concerned it will diminish what you'll receive from my animal." However, the exact opposite is true. What you share about your animals doesn't influence what I receive from your animal. If anything, it adds insight and essential details to the conversation.

Animal communication is not a one-sided conversation: it's a dialogue. The goal of a session is to create a mutual understanding between you and your animal family. Everyone's perspective is important and needs to be heard.

As an Animal Communicator, it's my role to facilitate clear communication with me acting as the animal's interpreter. My goal is to create a communication bridge between animals and their people. While your animal's perspectives are essential, so is your input and viewpoints.


My recent conversation with two mini-Aussies, Casper and Emma, along with their human, Terry speaks to why hearing everyone's perspective leads to clear and accurate communication.

Terry contacted me shortly after her beloved dog, Casper, transitioned. She wanted to discuss with him the circumstances around his departure and find out his future plans. When I asked Casper if he was going to reincarnate, he expressed a clear desire to return to Terry as a mini-Aussie puppy body.

Casper's reply brought joy to Terry's heavy heart.

At the time, Casper gave no more specifics about his reincarnation and suggested Terry check in with him again in the not too distant future. He explained that life is fluid, especially the spirit realm.


The conversation then shifted to her other dog, 16-year-old Emma. Terry asked Emma how she felt about having a puppy in the family. Emma responded with a resounding, "Yes! As long as it's Casper reincarnated, I'm open to welcoming my good friend home."

A month later, Terry called to inquire about Casper's reincarnation plans. Casper shared he was still planning on returning to Terry but hadn't found his puppy body yet. Casper assured Terry that he would send her a clear sign when he reincarnates.

Terry then asked Emma again about her feelings about getting a puppy. Emma immediately answered back, "No! I don't like puppies and want nothing to do with them. They are too crazy and overwhelm me."

When I shared Emma's answer, there was a long pause from Terry. Terry said Emma's feedback was 180 degrees from the last time we spoke with her. I felt Terry's surprise and disappointment that Emma might not embrace Casper in his new incarnation as a puppy.

I was also a bit baffled by Emma's change of mind, so I asked Terry if Emma had any recent interactions with puppies. It turns out Terry's friend had brought a puppy over to the house for a visit that morning. Emma was not pleased with the puppy's presence and snapped at his nose to let him know he was overstepping his boundaries. 

As Terry relayed the story, Emma's response began to make perfect sense. I shared with Terry that Emma's feelings about puppies were situational and related to her unpleasant experience earlier in the day.

Once the mystery was solved, Emma once again said she was open to a puppy as long as it was Casper reincarnated. Emma then made Terry promise to set clear limits and boundaries when Casper comes home.

Terry said she was on board with Emma's needs and wishes. They are now waiting for a sign from Casper that he's found his new puppy body.

An animal communication session should never be one-sided. My conversations with Terry, Emma, and Casper show why it's important to hear everyone's perspectives during an animal communication session to bring clarity and mutual understanding of all involved. 


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