3 Tips to Prepare Your Pets for The Holidays.

Help Your Pet Enjoy the Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, and it's time to celebrate the joy of the season with family and friends, including your animal family. Unfortunately, the holiday season also means your daily routine may be disrupted, which can create stress and anxiety in your pets.

Your pet's daily rituals build confidence and help them feel safe, secure, and loved. For many animals, even the smallest changes in their daily routine can be stress and anxiety-producing, especially for elderly pets. If left unchecked, stress can impact your pet's behavior, health, and overall quality of life.

To avoid behavioral problems and stress, here are three easy ways to prepare your animal family so you can all enjoy a fun and joyful Holiday Season:

  • Tip #1: Keep your pets on a regular schedule as best you can, which includes going on walks, playing, feeding at consistent times, and keeping their regular bedtime. If you can't keep their normal routine, then consider giving your animals additional exercise, attention, play, and love. Your animals will appreciate the extra time you spend with them. Plus, exercise and play will help you and your pet release excess energy and stress. 
  • Tip #2: Talk with your pets in advance of any changes in their daily routines like having visitors in the house, changes in their schedule, or going on vacay. Clear communication makes a world of difference for your animal as it prepares them for any upcoming changes. If you need help conveying your message, schedule an Animal Communication session with me. You will gain valuable insight into what your pet needs and wants along with alleviating potential stress so they can be calm and peaceful during the hustle and bustle. 
  • Tip #3: Give your animals the gift of a Reiki session to reduce stress and anxiety and promote overall wellness, peace, harmony, and balance. Animal Reiki helps animals and their humans go into a relaxed space while gently releasing energetic blockages and imbalances you and your animals may be experiencing. It's like a spa treatment that gives you and your pets a stress break and helps rejuvenate you.

When Andrea was heading out of the country for the Holidays, she scheduled two animal communication sessions to talk with her horse, Bert.

During Andrea and Bert's first conversation, Andrea discussed who would take care of him and how her absence would affect his daily rituals. Bert expressed he was on board with Andrea's plan and his caregiver.

The day before Andrea left, she spoke with Bert to review the changes in his schedule and to find out if he had any requests about his care before she left. Bert requested extra treats. Andrea also reassured Bert she'd be home in a couple of weeks.

When Andrea returned from her vacation, I received an email from her letting me know that Bert did well while she was away, especially since he tends to experience stress from the smallest changes in his routine. Andrea said talking with Bert also significantly reduced her stress from feeling separated from her horse.

Andrea added:
"While I was on vacation, as per your suggestion, I did 'check in' with Bert every day. I found the transition coming home was so much easier than it's ever been. I felt Bert was not mad with me for going away and he walked up to me when I went to get her out of her paddock - something he never does."

Cyndi felt anxious about leaving her three dogs for a week while she went to Hawaii. She admits she and her animal family suffer from separation anxiety. She also recognizes her apprehension adds to everyone's stress and worry.

To reduce everyone's anxiety, Cyndi scheduled Reiki sessions before and during her trip to help her dogs feel peaceful, balanced, and calm. The day before she left, Cyndi and her animals had a Reiki treatment at her home. While Cyndi enjoyed her vacation, her dogs enjoyed a couple of distant Reiki sessions.

Cyndi emailed me to share that her dogs were grounded and calm when she got home. Cyndi expressed her gratitude for my helping her dogs so she could focus on her family and enjoying herself.

When you give your animal family the gift of an Animal Communication and Animal Reiki session, you show them how much you love them and that you haven't forgotten them during the holiday season.

May you find peace during the holiday season.


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