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Deer Wisdom and the Reiki Precepts

For today only, be compassionate to yourself and others. I enjoy walking in Nature with Bodhi and encountering wildlife. Recently, we have run across numerous deer. When wild animals cross my path, I pay attention to their spiritual messages. I welcome their insight, support, and wisdom to help me on my spiritual journey. Deer are definitely trying to give me a message. We saw four deer grazing on the side of the road in Monterey. A couple of weeks later, two bucks and a doe who crossed our path just a few feet away on an early morning walk (see video below). Then I received a call from a client about a wild deer that had gone missing in South Dakota. All animals have mystical messages and wisdom that give us insight into our lives and our relationship with Nature. An Animal Spirit Guide is a spiritual being that guides and protects us on our spiritual path. Every Animal Spirit Guide has their unique guidance and inspiration. Deer wisdom is about being kind, gentle,