How Animal Reiki Differs From Animal Communication

Are you confused about the differences between an Animal Reiki treatment and an Animal Communication consult? 

If you are, you're not alone. 

These days, many professional Animal Communicators, like myself, also practice Animal Reiki and vice versa. It's beneficial to understand the differences between these individual healing modalities, the role of each practitioner, and why combining Animal Communication (AC) and Animal Reiki (AR) into a single session reduces the integrity and effectiveness of each technique.

It's easy to confuse the two techniques because the successful outcome of an Animal Communication session and Animal Reiki treatment is to create harmony, balance, and mutual understanding between animals and humans. 

The purpose of an Animal Communication consult is to allow humans and animals to share their hearts together with the Animal Communicator, creating an active dialog and discussion between the animal and their human. 

An Animal Communicator's job is to:
  • Accurately send and receive telepathic messages.
  • Interpret the animals' messages. 
  • Focus on the animal's issues and problems.
  • Clear up miscommunication and misunderstanding.
  • Remain open and receptive without judgments, projections, or expectations.
  • Empower animals by giving them a "voice," so they can be better understood. 
  • Provide feedback and insight from the animal's perspective.
  • Offer support, counseling, and guidance to animals and humans.
  • Advocate for the animal as an equal partner in the human-animal relationship.

As a professional Animal Communicator, it's my job to actively listen to the animal and their human. During an AC consultation, I create a bridge of mutual understanding by allowing the animal and human to have a two-way conversation in real-time with me acting as an interpreter. 

Once the animal's perspective is known, I provide feedback, counseling, and support to clear up misunderstandings and miscommunication by clarifying the reasons behind problems and behaviors, which may feel confusing or overwhelming. It's my intention to actively focus on an animal's problems no matter how upsetting, like when they're experiencing behavioral issues, illness, or death. 

While an Animal Communicator doesn't need to have a counseling background, I find it's helpful to my clients and myself that I have a master's degree in counseling. A crucial aspect of the Animal Communicator's job is to take good care of the human during a session, especially since no one wants to feel judged. A counseling background gives the Animal Communicator essential tools that are needed to create a safe healing space for all involved.

The goal of an Animal Reiki treatment is to help animals through passive Reiki meditation.

The Animal Reiki practitioner's role is to:
  • Hold a healing space of peace, love, and compassion using Reiki meditation.
  • Not focus on the animal's issues/problems or need to know about them.
  • Not interpret animals' messages.

My intention as an Animal Reiki practitioner is to create a safe healing space for the animal through Reiki meditation so the animal can go into deep relaxation, which enhances the body's natural healing response.  

For animals to experience the full depth of a Reiki healing experience, the animal and AR practitioner must go into silent meditation, which helps animals go into a deep relaxation where the animal can heal. 

It's difficult for the animal and AR practitioner to go into the Reiki space if there is an expectation that the animal needs to do something other than relaxing. Plus, it's impossible to carry on an active two-way conversation with the animal and their human while being in the passive state of meditation.

Many AR practitioners become confused about their purpose if they receive intuitive telepathic messages from animals. Just because the AR practitioner receives telepathic messages from animals during an Animal Reiki treatment doesn't make them an Animal Communicator.

When I first began my Animal Reiki practice twelve years ago, I naively thought I could practice AC and AR at the same time. I quickly realized practicing AR required I take a passive role as I meditate with the animal. On the other hand, AC requires my active participation as I engage in a dialog with the animal and their person. I learned it's impossible to be active and passive at the same time. 

Experience has taught me that it's more beneficial and less confusing to offer Animal Communication and Animal Reiki as individual services. If I receive essential information from an animal during an Animal Reiki treatment, I will suggest to my human clients that they schedule a separate Animal Communication session so I can relay their animals' messages. 


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