Sharing Reiki with Horses

Equine Reiki Day at Cadence Farm 

From the time I was a toddler, I've been horse-crazy. I started riding when I was six and was blessed to have a pony in my backyard when I was nine years old. Being around horses, especially sharing Reiki with them, opens my heart and heals my soul.

When animal Reiki pioneer Kathleen Prasad offered her Equine Reiki Day at Cadence Farm, I knew I wanted to attend. I find sharing Reiki with horses to be nurturing and healing for them and me.

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key") comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning spirit, and “ki” meaning energy. Reiki is also referred to as the “universal life energy.” Reiki for horses and animals is about learning to meditate with them, which creates a healing space of peace, harmony, and compassion.  

Kathleen Prasad with her horse, Kodiak

Equine Reiki Day was held at Cadence Farm located in the picturesque hills of Sonoma, California. Cadence is home to Kathleen's beautiful Paint horse, Kodiak. He is a Reiki master familiar with the Let Animals Lead® method developed by his human, Kathleen. The Let Animals Lead® method allows the animal to be in charge of how much or how little Reiki the wish to receive.

The highlight of my day came when Kathleen asked the group to share Reiki with any horse that called to us. I decided to head toward the horses who were in the shade, given it was getting hot out. I first stopped outside Beamer's stall, which was well shaded.

As I asked Beamer if he wanted Reiki, I was interrupted by a loud nicker coming from behind me. I immediately turned around and saw it was Kodiak calling to me from his sunny pasture. He whinnied at me again, just to make sure I heard his request to share Reiki. Without hesitation, I left Beamer's shaded stall and accepted Kodi's invitation.

Once we greeted each other, I began focusing inward as I started meditating with Kodiak using the Let Animals Lead® method. At first, Kodi did his best to distract me from focusing inward. He nibbled at me through the gate to his paddock and tried to rub up against me with his head. I sensed he was testing me to stay grounded and focused on my meditation.

Kodiak schooling me on the Let Animals Lead® Method of Reiki

Kodiak clearly communicated that he was in charge. Once I passed his test, Kodiak's lips and jaw began to relax. He closed his eyelids and he lowered his head as he went into deep relaxation.

After spending about ten minutes in a peaceful and harmonious space together, Kodiak decided to show me that his tail was bothering him. He turned around and presented his tail to me. Then he did something I didn't expect; he started leaning against the gate with his full weight like he wanted to sit in my lap! I wanted to oblige Kodiak's request but felt that no good would come from him sitting on my lap.

After discouraging Kodiak from leaning against the gate that separated us, he walked away from me and started to graze. He communicated that he had enough Reiki and he felt complete. I thanked Kodiak for helping me work on my focus and grounding and schooling me in the art of Reiki. I felt honored and humbled he wanted to be my teacher and guide for the Reiki exercise.

When I shared with Kathleen my experience sharing Reiki with Kodi, she confirmed Kodiak knows just how much Reiki he needs and wants. She said that when he's done receiving the Reiki, he clearly lets you know. Kodiak is a wise and gifted teacher.

Feeling Blissful After Sharing Reiki

Sharing Reiki with the magnificent horses at Cadence helped them feel better. However, I believe the real teachers and healers were the horses as I left Equine Reiki Day feeling peaceful, joyous, and balanced! I'm grateful to the horses at Cadence for opening my heart and filling it with compassion and love.


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