The Importance of Being Grounded Practicing Animal Communication and Reiki

Animals sense when we are ungrounded and feel safest when their humans are fully centered and present with them. 

Bodhi reminds me to stay grounded by tapping his paw on my foot.

Being grounded means you are fully present in the here and now which keeps you connected to your animal family, Mother Earth and the Universal Life Energy Flow. 

We live in times of high levels of stress along with a lot of distractions which disconnects from our spiritual selves and Nature. When we are not fully present, it makes it challenging to connect telepathically and share Reiki with animals and Nature.

On a recent visit to my dog's holistic veterinarian to treat his allergies and overall health, his vet mentioned that Bodhi tends to become ungrounded. Dr. Cheryl Schwartz suggested I tap Bodhi's paws whenever he becomes ungrounded to help him come back to the present moment.

After we left Dr. Schwartz's office, Bodhi and I stopped into the store to buy some groceries. As we waited in the check-out line, I noticed Bodhi looking up at me with a big smile his face. I then realized Bodhi had placed his paw on my foot!

Bodhi then communicated to me telepathically that I needed to be more grounded, too!

I couldn't disagree as my mind was focused on what Dr. Schwartz had shared during Bodhi's treatment.

Bodhi's reminder brought me back into my heart and out of my thoughts. I thanked Bodhi for getting the "memo" from Dr. Schwartz and reminding me to stay present.

Staying grounded is about bringing your focus and awareness to the present moment. When you are fully grounded, you feel more balanced and peaceful in your daily life. You also feel safe and secure as you create a stable foundation.

When practicing Animal Communication and Reiki, it's essential to stay grounded as it brings us back into balance, where the animals can connect with us. Being grounded manages overwhelming and potent feelings that tend to block the flow of Reiki and telepathic communication.

Being ungrounded makes it difficult to function effectively in the real world and can block the flow of Animal Communication and Reiki. 

When you're ungrounded, it's easy to be thrown off balance like a leaf being blown around in the wind.

7 Signs You're Ungrounded:
  1. Trouble finishing projects:
  2. Hard to focus or concentrate;
  3. Feel spacey:
  4. Unsure of yourself;
  5. Up in your mind/head instead of in your heart;
  6. Hard time expressing yourself;
  7. Feel called to spend time outside in Nature.

Trees are excellent teachers on how to stay grounded and connected.
Given it's a process. Bodhi and I continue to work on staying grounded and present.


Thank you for the info and the reminder to stay grounded and when we lose our way to come back to Mother Earth for grounding and to get back in hearts.

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