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The Importance of Being Grounded Practicing Animal Communication and Reiki

Animals sense when we are ungrounded and  feel safest when their humans are fully centered and present with them.  Bodhi reminds me to stay grounded by tapping his paw on my foot. Being grounded means you are fully present in the here and now which keeps you connected to your animal family, Mother Earth and the Universal Life Energy Flow.  We live in times of high levels of stress along with a lot of distractions which disconnects from our spiritual selves and Nature. When we are not fully present, it makes it challenging to connect telepathically and share Reiki with animals and Nature. On a recent visit to my dog's holistic veterinarian to treat his allergies and overall health, his vet mentioned that Bodhi tends to become ungrounded.  Dr. Cheryl Schwartz  suggested I tap Bodhi's paws whenever he becomes ungrounded to help him come back to the present moment. After we left Dr. Schwartz's office, Bodhi and I stopped into the store to buy some groce