The Gift of Sharing Your Heart with Animals

This holiday season give your animals the gift of love, peace, and joy by opening your heart chakra, which is where Animal Communication and Reiki originate.

The heart chakra* is the pathway that connects you with your true spiritual nature and all living beings in the web of life. It’s through the heart, located in the middle of your chest that the physical and spiritual merge and connect us with our intuitive self, nature, and animals instead of in your logic and rational mind.

The fourth chakra, called Anahata is the center of love, empathy, and compassion. When you are in your heart-center, you transmit calm, loving and peaceful energy. Plus you are more grounded and centered because you are in the Universal life energy flow of love that supports and nurtures all living beings.

Animals respond positively when humans come from their heart center, not in our thinking mind. Unfortunately, logic and thoughts are valued over heart energy. When we are up in our heads, it disconnects us from our true spiritual nature, others, specifically our animal families. 

Your pets feel the energy you're experiencing at any given moment. It's like casting a stone in a pond that ripples outward because all our thoughts and feelings go off on energetic waves to those around us.

Both people and animals naturally absorb these energies. That's why animals instinctually move away from disturbing energies like stress, anger, anxiety, and fear whenever possible because this type of energy tells them to go into fight or flight mode to avoid danger.

When you radiate love and compassion, you become a magnet to animals.

Animal Reiki pioneer, Kathleen Prasad from the Animal Reiki Source created this excellent animated video that clearly illustrates how animals perceive and respond when we connect with our heart chakra and the spiritual life force energy known as Reiki.

Kathleen does a masterful job showing how animals, whether they are domestic, wild, farm, or caged respond to the calm and loving energy of love and Reiki.

An excellent way to access your heart chakra is by practicing Animal Communication and Reiki which are heart-centered and connects us to animals on a deep Spiritual level. When you communicate telepathically and become Reiki with animals, you naturally transmit peaceful and loving energy that all animals need and desire.

Living a heartfelt life is a gift that keeps on giving. Just breathe through your heart center, feel all the love you have for your animal family, and you will naturally radiate love, peace, and compassion.

*Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk. Each chakra is a swirling vortex of power which represent specific frequencies and colors. There are seven wheels of spiritual power throughout human and animals' bodies which connect us to the web of life and the Universal life energy force also known as Reiki. The fourth chakra is located in the center of the chest.


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