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The Gift of Sharing Your Heart with Animals

This holiday season give your animals the gift of love, peace, and joy by opening your heart chakra, which is where Animal Communication and Reiki originate. The heart chakra* is the pathway that connects you with your true spiritual nature and all living beings in the web of life. It’s through the heart, located in the middle of your chest that the physical and spiritual merge and connect us with our intuitive self, nature, and animals instead of in your logic and rational mind. The fourth chakra, called Anahata is the center of love, empathy, and compassion. When you are in your heart-center, you transmit calm, loving and peaceful energy. Plus you are more grounded and centered because you are in the Universal life energy flow of love that supports and nurtures all living beings. Animals respond positively when humans come from their heart  center, not in our thinking mind. Unfortunately, logic and thoughts are valued over heart energy. When we are up in our heads,