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9 Ways to Cope with Pet Loss

Saying "good-bye" to a beloved animal companion is life-altering.  Mourning the loss of the pet can be devastating and overwhelming.   My Beloved Kobe Bear (Now In Spirit) In the past couple of months, my dog Bodhi Bear and I have said "goodbye" to our two dear dog friends that we  affectionately refer to as our DFFs or "Dog Friend Furever." MacGuyver the Puggle left in June. A couple of weeks ago, Sabrina Renee the Golden Retriever also transitioned home to Spirit. Needless to say, we miss our DFFs a lot. MacGuyver the Puggle (Now In Spirit) One reason why we grieve so deeply for our pets is the unconditional love and acceptance we share with them.  It's essential to deal with the pain and sadness because avoiding the grief can be far more debilitating. Not dealing with your grief can prolong your suffering.   If you didn't love your pet so much, you wouldn't grieve so deeply. In other words, the intensity of your