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9 Tips to Keep Pets Safe and Calm during 4th of July Week

Did you know more pets go missing over the July 4th holiday than at any other time of year? Independence Day is my least favorite holiday because so many animals are traumatized by its loud pyrotechnics and fireworks displays. While it may be fun for some humans, it scares and disorients pets in a matter of seconds, causing them to  meltdown in complete terror, with many trying to flee f rom the safety of their homes only to go missing.  Why? Animals become anxious and scared when they hear loud noises and see bright flashing lights. Their instincts tell them to run as fast and far away as possible to escape the source of their fear and anxiety. Throughout the Independence Day weekend, your pets will hear noises you might not be aware of because of their sensitive ears and nervous systems. Once an animal becomes frantic, it's difficult for them to calm down. Therefore, it's better to prevent your pets from becoming distressed in the first place. Once in the "red zon

Should Your Pets Stay or Go On Vacation?

Have you shared your summer plans with your animal family? Bodhi Packing for A Recent Vacay If you're a pet parent making arrangements for your summer vacay, then you will need to decide whether it's best to bring your animal family with you or leave them at home. It's amazing how much calmer you and your animal companions will feel when you include them in your decision-making process because you're not second-guessing what your animals may need or want. Communicating telepathically with your pets will help you make important decisions about their care while keeping  their perspective in mind.  There are many things to keep in mind when you bring your pet on a trip, including what your pets might want to do on their  vacation. My dog, Bodhi loves to go to the beach, while some dogs enjoy taking a hike in the woods; going to cafes and restaurants, or wine tasting with their humans. It can make a world of difference when you elicit your animal fa