Have you prepared your pet for summer?

Are you a pet parent planning for a vacation?

With the summer season upon us, it can be beneficial when you discuss your summer plans or other changes in daily routines with your pet. 

Sharing any upcoming changes gives your pet the chance to prepare and weigh in on any needs and wishes they may have which can lead to a calmer and more peaceful experience for everyone.

Clients like to call me before they go on vacation because they feel it's essential to keep their animal family in the "loop" when planning for their care while away.

Animals depend on their day-to-day rituals to help them feel safe, secure and loved. Even minor changes can be stressful and anxiety-producing leading to physical and emotional issues.

The good news is talking with your pet during your vacation planning process can make a huge difference in how your pet responds to the upcoming changes in their daily routines.
An animal communication session allows you to ask your animal family if they are okay with the arrangements you made for their care. It gives your pet the chance to share their needs and wants while you are away. Listening to them tells them that you honor and respect them and want to work in partnership.

My client, Susie contacts me every time she leaves her dog, even if it's only for a day or two. She feels keeping her senior cocker spaniel, Bettie apprised of the upcoming changes in her routine is essential to reduce any worry, stress, and anxiety that leads to unwanted behaviors.

Susie finds it beneficial to make sure Bettie is okay with the care arrangements, including the petsitter. Both Susie and Bettie find communicating with one another reassuring and helpful. Susie reports she feels more calm and relaxed about leaving Bettie after talking. And Bettie feels validated because her voice was heard.

Winnie, the cat, told her person, Jill, that she didn't like the pet sitter who treated her like a dog. Instead, she wanted the other petsitter, who is quiet, calm, and respectful, to take care of her. Jill appreciated Winnie's input and hired the calm pettsitter. Winnie felt relief knowing she could trust the person looking after her.

Benji the Corgie communicated with his person that he prefers going to his grandparents while she is on vacation versus staying home with a petsitter. When asked why, Benji joyously replied, "They spoil me!" 

Paulie the Conure enjoys being part of planning his trips from the San Francisco bay area to Los Angeles. Picaro loves car rides and going "bye-bye." His person, Angie, always reaches out to me before any road trip, and she wants to make sure her boy has as much fun as she does.

It's important to communicate with your pets about any upcoming changes in their life, including your summer vacation plans. When you prepare your pet, it helps them understand why there are changes in their routines. 

After all, the goal is for everyone to have an enjoyable summer vacation free from worry and stress.
Happy travels!


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