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Animal Reiki Helps People, Too

“Just as water ripples outward with the drop of a pebble,  Reiki flows to exactly where it's needed for the highest good of all."   ~Cathy Malkin, The Animal Muse As a Reiki Master Practitioner for over ten years, I'm still in awe of the incredible healing power of Reiki.  The more I practice Reiki, the more I see how the Universal Life Force Energy ripples outward flowing to precisely where it's needed the most. When clients sent up Reiki sessions for a particular animal in their family, I encourage them to be with their pet during the treatment because Reiki frequently benefits other family members including pets and humans.  An excellent example of what I call the "Reiki Ripple Effect" happened when I offered a beautiful 16-year-old Golden Retriever mix named Shanti distant Reiki. Shanti's human, Serena requested Reiki to support her best friend, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, and for an upcoming move.  Given all the different