Saturday, December 23, 2017

What Do Pets Really Want?

If you could give your pet anything in the world, what would it be? A new toy or a favorite treat? A new friend?

The Best Present You Can Give Your Pet Is Your Presence. 

It's easy to forget your animals want something incredibly simple from you: your undivided attention in a mindful way, even if it's only for five minutes a day.

Throughout the holidays and the rest of the year, we tend to get consumed and overwhelmed by the many distractions life brings. These diversions prevent you from being fully and peacefully Present with your pets. 

Animals consistently tell me that spending quality time with their humans is the best gift they could ever receive because they never get enough quality time with their cherished humans.

Being with your animal family while you're talking on the phone, watching TV, or surfing the web isn't the Present your animal family craves. They want you to disconnect from your cell phone, computer, or whatever is preventing you from becoming fully Present in mind, body, and spirit.

If you think about it, your pets are consistently Present as they quietly support you with their Presence. They appreciate it when you reciprocate in kind.

Taking time each day to be quietly Present with your animal brings about many benefits including hearing your intutitive voice and your animals' voices. Plus it brings deeper awareness, understanding, and balance to your relationship.

Being Present with your pet might look like sitting quietly on the couch together, taking a walk in Nature, or going on a joy-ride to a favorite destination. Or it could be offering Reiki which is an easy way to be fully Present.

Your animal family will thank you for giving them the best Present ever: your Presence.

Looking for a fun meditation to create more mindfulness around your animal family? Click here for an easy meditation from Kathleen Prasad of the Animal Reiki Source.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cockatoo Benefits From Animal Communication and Reiki

After Experiencing A Seizure, Tula the Cockatoo benefitted from Animal Communication and Reiki. 

Tula is a vivacious, spunky, and stubborn 17-year-old Cockatoo who has severe health challenges including hormonal imbalance and frequent seizures caused by abnormally high zinc levels.

Tula's person, Paula called me to communicate telepathically with Tula as well as offering her Reiki. Paula was concerned about how Tula was feeling after experiencing another seizure which left Tula abnormally quiet and withdrawn.

Besides talking with Tula during an Animal Communication phone session, Paula felt a distant Reiki session would also help Tula feel better.

Tula the Cockatoo

During our Animal Communication phone session, I  telepathically asked Tula how she was feeling, She immediately showed me that her body felt inflamed as though it was on fire. Tula felt sad, withdrawn, and depressed especially since her last seizure. Tula said it knocked the wind out of her.

Tula went on to say,

Besides my body feeling like it's on fire, I'm bored. I know Paula does her best to keep me busy and engaged, but she can never replace Nature with her trees, streams, and fresh air. I need to go outside.
I want Paula to take me on car rides. When I'm in the car, it feels like Paula and I are flying! There's nothing better than feeling the wind flowing through my feathers while breathing in all the many different smells that whip by me. 

I relayed Tula's message with Paula, who was 100% on-board with the idea. In fact, Paula described taking many fun car trips with Tula as her co-pilot. Paula confessed she couldn't remember the last time they went on a ride together.

Paula then promised Tula that they'd take a joy ride to one of their favorite destinations, the San Francisco Bay, after receiving Reiki. As Paula described their past car rides, I felt Tula's mood brighten.

After her Animal Communication session, I offered Tula Reiki. During her distant Reiki session, Tula drank in the healing energy like a fine wine. As she received the universal life force known as Reiki, I felt Tula's mood lighten up even more.

Tula Joy Riding After Receiving Reiki

After Tula's Reiki Session, I received a phone call from Paula. She told me that Tula became so relaxed during her Reiki session that she nearly tumbled off her perch. Paula was surprised by this since Tula rarely goes into deep relaxation or falls asleep during the day.

Tula After Receiving Reiki

Later that afternoon, I received the above pictures of Tula after Paula took Tula on a joy-ride to the San Francisco Bay. As you can see from her photographs, Tula is one happy Cockatoo! 
Paula was thrilled because she noticed a happier, more energetic, and upbeat Tula almost immediately after the Animal Communication and Reiki sessions were done. Paula admitted she was also feeling more optimistic now that Tula was acting more like her usual self.