Animals and Gratitude

“If having a soul means to be able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”                                           – James Herriot

Animals Express Love and Gratitude Daily

Animals are full of grace, love unconditionally, and do not judge as humans do. 

Smiling Bodhi Bear

With Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season upon us, it’s a perfect time to muse about the love and gratitude you and your animal family share together. 

When you express gratitude to your pets, it creates positive feelings, a sense of harmony, and builds trust. In addition, it shows your love for them.

Sharing gratitude with your pets, both physically and telepathically, opens the door to a more profound and loving relationship while strengthening your bond together. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Being mindful of your pets' ability pick up on your thoughts and emotions can help your animals better deal with the stress that comes with the holiday season. Every thought and feeling you have is sent off telepathically from your mind straight to your animal companions. Whether you like it or not, your pets can feel if you are happy or sad; relaxed or stressed.

Trying to hide your thoughts and feelings from them is futile because pets are masterful at receiving telepathic messages. What animals don't always understand are the reasons behind your emotions which can confuse and upset them. If your Holiday plans aren't going the way you wanted and your feeling upset, your animal friends may feel they are the cause of your stress and distress.

Just Say No!

During the Holidays, it's important to keep your pets' routine as normal as possible especially their meals and exercise routine. Remove them from stressful situations to a quiet, safe place: they will be happier away from the Holiday madness. When you say "no" to their pleading faces as they are trying to convince you to feed them more turkey or treats is an act of grace.

Some people feel animals aren't capable of expressing gratitude. I wholeheartedly disagree. I believe animals show their appreciation to their humans daily. In many ways, your pet's actions speak volumes about how they are feeling.

It's fun and life-affirming to see the different ways your pets share their love and gratitude which is sometimes difficult to understand or recognize.

Your animal family loves you unconditionally which is an expression of their gratitude. Even when you're feeling sad or blue, their love for you remains constant and consistent.

Some other expressions of thanks from your pets manifest by sticking close to you, following you around, or lying on or near you.

My Cat, Mona Marie
Other signs of gratitude may not be as apparent as when cats bring their humans a gift of the dead remains of a mouse or bird they caught and tortured. Cats are proud to express their appreciation with such a unique surprise for their favorite human.

My dog, Bodhi Bear expresses his gratitude by nuzzling up to my face or flashing his effervescent smile. My cat, Mona Marie shows her unconditional love by sleeping on me at night. My Siamese, Elvis is a snuggle bug who isn't shy about lying on my heart center.

How does your animal family show their gratitude? 

I'd love to hear about your pet's expressions of gratitude. Please share your stories here on my blog or go to my Facebook page.

Need help figuring out what your pets are communicating with you? I can help by giving your animal family a "voice." 

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