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Animals and Gratitude

“If having a soul means to be able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”                                           – James Herriot Animals Express Love and Gratitude Daily Animals are full of grace, love unconditionally, and do not judge as humans do.  Smiling Bodhi Bear With Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season upon us, it’s a perfect time to muse about the love and gratitude you and your animal family share together.  When you express gratitude to your pets, it creates positive feelings, a sense of harmony, and builds trust. In addition, it shows your love for them. Sharing gratitude with your pets, both physically and telepathically, opens the door to a more profound and loving relationship while strengthening your bond together. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Being mindful of your pets' ability pick up on your thoughts and emotions can help your animals better deal with the stress th

Rescued Dog Helped with Animal Communication and Reiki After A Stroke

Paralyzed from the Neck Down, Puppy Mill Dog Predicted His Paralysis Was Temporary. Zac the Keeshond's tale is about how Animal Communication and Reiki can bring hope to an unimaginable situation.  His tale shows that animals can predict their recovery when given a "voice." Zac's story also speaks to the strength and resilience puppy mill dogs have to move past their adversity and traumas when they have a loving and supportive "pack."  Shortly after Thanksgiving last year, I was contacted by Gregg and Karen B., who were out of their minds with worry about their puppy mill rescue dog, Zac. Zac the Keeshond A Year After His Stroke Zac had a tough life before he joined Gregg and Karen's pack. Born in a horrific puppy mill in Upstate New York, he was rescued when he was approximately 5 to 7 years old. Can you imagine a dog with little to no human contact for 7 years? It seems inconceivable that 1000s of dogs like Zac endu