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Should I Dress My Pet for Halloween?

Just like people, some pets like to dress up in clothing and hats.  Most animals prefer you don't anthropomorphize them by making them wear human outfits.  You should only put a costume on your pet if they are comfortable with the idea. Out of respect for your pets' feelings and well-being, it's key you honor their wishes whether or not you agree with them. As much as I want to dress up my dog Bodhi in a Halloween costume, he wants nothing to do with hats and human outfits. He becomes stressed and anxious when I try to outfit him. The most he's willing to tolerate are accouterments that go around his neck like bandanas, necklaces, and bows. My Spirit dog, Kobe Bear loved wearing hats and necklaces. He happily wore them for hours. My Spirit Dog, Kobe Bear loved wearing costumes. Not my Bodhi! He clearly tells me that costumes aren't his thing by throwing hats off his head or sitting down when I put a vest on him. He also starts licking his lips

9 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween can be one of the scariest and most dangerous days of the year for your pets.  Minion Pug It can be upsetting and disorienting for your pets when humans transform themselves and their animals into unworldly beings like ghosts, Minions, Rocky, or Super Woman,  And when pets get spooked by ghosts and goblins, they tend to run and hide to avoid danger.  If you do nothing else this Halloween, make sure your pets are wearing their ID tags with your current cell number on it just in case your pet slips out when trick-or-treaters come to your door.  Here are 9 Safety Tips to keep your pets safe on Halloween: If you choose to dress up your pet, never leave them unattended while wearing their Halloween costume. Make sure your pet's costume fits properly and doesn't' encumber their movements or cover their face, eyes, ears, and nose.  Halloween candy, especially sweet confections containing chocolate or xylitol (a sugar substitute used in sugar-f

9 Successful Ways to Reduce Your Pet's Stress

Are you feeling stressed out? Are you worried and anxious? In these uncertain times, you must take care of yourself because your stress affects your animal family. Bruce tends to worry a lot. If you're feeling worried, anxious, or stressed, then there's a good chance your animal family is also feeling stress, worry, and anxiety. Animals prefer to live in a calm, peaceful environment. When the energy around them feels stressful, it can cause behavioral issues and illnesses. The good news is there are several things you can easily do right now to help you and your animal family to feel calm in mind and body. I asked my animal family and other animals to offer solutions to reduce our stress levels. First, the animals want to remind us that we are all in this together. If nothing else, the Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us that we are all inter-connected. It's also telling us that we are part of a community, and we need to take care of ourselves a