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5 Benefits of Animal Communication

Have you ever thought, "I wish I could get answers directly from my pets?" Or "I know my animal is trying to tell me something. But what?" Bodhi Bear Telepathy, which means feeling another soul or spirit over a distance, is the universal language that all species speak including humans and animals. Animal Communicators, like myself, interpret animals' thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints using the telepathic connection. Animal Communication empowers your pets by giving them a "voice" so they can share their thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints with you, Communicating telepathically with your pets brings many rewards including letting them know how much you love, care, and respect them. Here are 5 Benefits of Telepathic Animal Communication: Animal Communication allows you to make decisions and work in partnership with your animals instead of second-guessing what they may be thinking or want. It empowers animals when they can have a say

Oak Tree Muse

Trees are wise teachers and poets. These grounded Spirits spiral upward toward the heavens as their branches spread like an umbrella offering shelter to any one who happens by. I credit Trees for playing a significant role in the development of my telepathic and Reiki skills. When I began learning Reik many years ago, I first practiced with Trees instead of with people and animals. At the time, I intuitively felt Trees would help me stay grounded and focused as I learned how to be an open-hearted conduit for the spiritual energy known as Reiki. When I was reawakening my telepathic animal communication gifts a couple of years later, I again turned to my trusted friends the trees. To this day, I love talking with trees. Their wisdom and knowledge continue to humble me. An Oak Tree caught my attention telepathically the other day as I was contemplating the role trees have played in the evolution of my animal communication and Reiki skills. She seemed amused by my

What Does A Tree Witness in a Year?

Have you ever wondered what a tree sees and experiences in its lifetime? Trees are grounded spiritual beings who hold ancient wisdom from observing the cycles of life. They are open-hearted enjoy helping others like birds, wildlife, and insects. These wise teachers love sharing their knowledge and they can be quite poetic. A tree once told me Trees are the real poets of the world, not humans. The Tree mused it loves whispering into the ears of poets. Besides cleaning the air we breathe, Trees provide many different beings shelter and food in their trunks and outspread branches. Their roots drink in the energy of Mother Nature which supports the canopy of branches and leaves. A friend sent me this interesting video of a tree and its visitors throughout the course of a year. It's enlightening and fascinating to see how important trees are to all species who depend on them, including humans. As you can see, this tree has observed a lot in a year.  Can you imagin