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Coyote Morning Wisdom

In every walk with nature,  one receives far more than he seeks.  --John Muir I love being out in Nature. It reduces my stress because it's the one place I can go that makes sense especially in this fast-paced, crazy world we live in. Disconnecting from my phone, computer, and other electronic stimuli allow me to become a human being again. I especially love it when I come across wildlife on my walks with my dog, Bodhi. Observing wildlife brings out my childlike curiosity. I learn a lot by communicating telepathically with them like in my recent blog post, Discovering New Creatures Using Telepathy . Thanks to the abundant winter rains that ended Northern California's severe drought, the local fauna and flora are flourishing this summer. It's uplifting observing the different raptors like the Hawks, Kites, and Kestrels as they dive and grab the voles, which are meadow mice, out of their holes and fly away with their prey. The other morning Bodhi and I spied a C