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Keeshond Bodhi Is A Bodhisattva

Bodhi Bear stars in his first Bollywood-Themed movie, Bodhi Is A Bodhisattva.  So grab some popcorn and enjoy the picture show. . .

Easy Animal Communication Heart Meditation

Do You Live In Your Heart? Did you know all spiritual beings, whether human, animal, plant or mineral, are born with the ability to communicate using the universal language of telepathy Learning Telepathic Animal Communication and Reiki is a life-long journey of self-discovery. The process begins by recognizing how it feels when you focus your awareness in your Heart Center where telepathy and Reiki emanate. So be loving and kind to yourself as you reclaim your natural abilities to communicate telepathically and offer Reiki to all spiritual beings in the web of life. My Heart Dog Telepathic Animal Communication originates from your  heart . Verbal language arises in your mind. Most spiritual beings live in their heart center not in their thinking minds like humans do. This Heart Center Meditation is designed to help you access your heart center and its associated feelings so you can experience how being open-hearted affects your entire being: physical, e