Celebrating Bodhi the Keeshond's Birthday

Do You Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday or GotchYa Day?

My Keeshond and Birthday Boy, Bodhi Bear 

I do. I love showing my animal family how much I love them by celebrating their Birthdays and GotchYa Day each year. 

Okay, maybe I take it a bit far giving Bodhi a few parties but he's worth it. Plus I love making him a happy dog.

It's hard to believe he's 4 years old already. Time has flown by as it feels like only yesterday that he was just a baby puff.

Baby Puff Doggy Bodhi Bear

Now he's grown up and quite the Puff Doggy.

"Is It Burger Time?"

Bodhi Bear loves celebrating his birthday with good friends like his puppyhood buddy and DFF, MacGuyver the Puggle aka "Mush-A-Moo."

MacGuyver The Puggle aka "Moo"

This year, Bodhi asked his Godfather, Craig, to grill up some Birthday Burgers for his special day.

Birthday Burgers on the Grill

So being a great Dog Father, Craig tossed a few dog patties on the grill for his dog and mine. 

Both dogs waited patiently for their burger "bites." 

Bodhi patiently waiting for his birthday burger bites.

And then the big moment finally arrived:

A fun time was had by all, especially the boys who loved eating the burger bites. 

Happy Birthday, Bodhi Bear!!!!!
I Love You!!!

But wait, there are more birthday surprises for Bodhi Bear:

Stayed tuned for the Keesateers and more birthday fun for the fuzzy birthday boy. . .


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