Bodhi's Fuzzy Birthday Party

Bodhi is reunited with his Keeshonden friends, Eli and Harvey, to celebrate Bodhi's 4th Birthday.

Bodhi Bear Is A Paw-ty Animal!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I love celebrating my dog's birthday. This year is no exception. Now 4 years old, Bodhi is quite popular, so I need to have few parties to accommodate his many dog friends. 

Today's party is all about his fuzzy friends, Eli and Harvey. Together, the 3 Keeshonden are affectionately known as The Keesateers.

Bodhi and I are thrilled that his DFFs (Dog Friends FurEver) and their mom, Julie, are coming to celebrate with us.

The Keesateers: Bodhi, Eli, and Harvey 

Bodhi shares his excitement about 5 minutes before his fuzzy friends arrive. 

Bodhi absolutely knew Eli and Harvey were close by because he ran to the window about 30 seconds before they drove up.

Once here, The Keesateers couldn't contain their excitement: 

It's Dog Paw-ty time:

Harvey, Eli, and Bodhi Mugging for Cheese

The Fuzzy Fun and Games Begin:

A Fuzzy Ball of Puffiness

All in all, it was a fuzz-filled day for everyone, the humans included! 

Now Bodhi and I need to rest up for his next Birthday Celebration with his girlfriends: Sabrina Renee, Greta, and Tonks tomorrow. 

Stayed tuned for more dog birthday fun. . . 

Bodhi Is One Happy Birthday Boy


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