Bodhi Celebrates His Birthday with Girlfriends

Bodhi's Birthday Paw-ty with his girlfriends is a huge success!

Bodhi with special friend Sabrina Renee
It's hard to believe that my Puff Doggy, Bodhi Bear is 4 years old already. Boy time seems to fly by way too fast. 

To celebrate Bodhi's birthday this year, I thought it would be fun for him to spend time with some of his close friends. 

So Bodhi's week long Birthday Extravaganza was hatched. His week started off with good friend MacGuvyer the Puggle. Together, they ate Burger Bites. 

The Burger paw-ty was followed by Bodhi's Fuzzy Birthday Party with the Keesateers, Harvey, and Eli. 

Bodhi's 3rd and final paw-ty is with his girlfriends: Sabrina Renee the Golden Retriever along with Greta and Tonks, who are German Shepherds.

Bodhi shares his excitement as I tell him that his girlfriends are arriving shortly to celebrate his special day with him:

Here are Bodhi's paw-ty guests:

Sabrina Renee the Golden
Tonks the German Shepherd waiting for the games to begin

Greta the German Shepherd takes a break 

Sabrina's Mom Sharon made Bodhi a special dog birthday cake:
Bodhi's Cake made by Sabrina Renee's Mom, Sharon
And Sharon made these Super Cool "Paper Clip" Paw-ty Favors:

Cool party favors made by Sharon

Greta and Tonk's Mom, Karen found an edgy way to display the party favors:
Karen displays the party favors 

Finally, birthday cake for the birthday boy and his guests! 

The dogs patiently waited to eat BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!

Once the cake was eaten, Bodhi opened the wonderful gifts he received from his girlfriends and their Moms.

All in all, Bodhi's 4th Birthday Celebration was a lot of fun for  everyone. 

Bodhi wrote on his Facebook page, Puff Doggy
My mom is so silly but the best because she gives me so many paw-ties to celebrate my birthday.

I'm glad my fuzzy boy enjoyed his weeklong celebration. It makes me happy to make Bodhi happy. 

Thank you for joining in on Bodhi's Birthday Extravaganza as you helped make Bodhi's special day (or in his case, week) that much sweeter. 

See you next year for another Fuzzy Birthday . . .


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