Animal Communication and Reiki Are A Powerful Combination

It’s never easy when a beloved pet doesn’t feel well, especially when it’s chronic or life-threatening. It can be an anxious and upsetting time for both the caregiver and animal. Worst of all, it can bring up feelings of hopelessness, fear, and stress.

When Animal Communication and Reiki are combined, they create an amazing healing fusion of hope, love, and understanding.

Lori and her Keeshond Lilly's story is a wonderful example of how this powerful healing combo brought them the precious gift of time when Lilly's chronic illness became life-threatening.

Lilly the Keeshond

Lilly was a beautiful six-year-old silver and black Keeshond when Lori rescued her sight unseen. Lori drove several hours out-of-state to adopt this adorable puff ball after reading a brief description about her on a Keeshonden rescue website. From the moment they met, Lori and Lilly fell instantly in love and became fast best friends.

A few years later, Lilly was diagnosed with degenerate disc disease in her low back and neck making it hard to walk normally. Lilly also suffered from ataxia, which made it seem like she was drunk because she would lose coordination in her extremities and fall easily. If that wasn’t bad enough, she had severe arthritis in both her hips and knees.

Lilly’s mobility issues made moving without assistance difficult and sometimes painful, especially when it came to walking and going to the bathroom. These challenges never bothered Lori as she was happy to support Lilly in whatever possible.

Lori faced a lot of misunderstanding and scrutiny from those who didn’t understand the nature of Lilly’s special needs, especially in the last few months of her life. When those closest to Lori felt her she was holding on too tightly to her fuzzy dog, they urged Lori to put Lilly down. 

Despite their good intentions, it was difficult for Lori and Lilly to hear.

To the outsider, Lilly’s ataxia made it seem like it was inhumane to let Lilly live a normal life. Despite Lilly’s obvious physical challenges, her heart and mind were strong, clear and lucid. Lilly felt grateful that her Lori was such a compassionate and loving person who didn’t care about her being different from other dogs and needed extra support.

A few years after I first worked with Lori and Lilly, I received an urgent call from Lori. Lilly’s daycare providers called her extremely worried that it might be Lilly’s time to transition because she was acting listless and not eating. Plus she didn’t have the energy to get up to go to the bathroom. Even lifting her head up was difficult to the point where she couldn’t even drink water from her bowl.

Lori needed to know what Lilly was thinking and feeling. And most importantly, was it time to assist Lilly?

When I tuned into Lilly telepathically, she clearly expressed she was not ready to die nor was she ready to be assisted through euthanasia.

After I translated for Lori what Lilly was feeling, I suggested they try Animal Reiki. Lori wasn't familiar with Reiki so I explained the benefits of this Japanese healing energy modality. After my explanation, Lori and Lilly were immediately on board. Lori was running out of options to help her best friend and was grateful to give Reiki a chance.

I offered Lilly her first long-distance Reiki as soon as we hung up the phone in hopes it would help this beautiful Keesie girl feel better.

After Lilly's initial Reiki treatment, Lori noticed an immediate difference in Lilly. Before being offered Reiki, Lilly couldn't walk easily and had difficulty defecating. After her treatment, she was able to move around more freely. Plus she no longer struggled to keep her balance when pooping, which seemed miraculous. The cherry on top was Lilly's increased appetite.

Lori and Lilly

With each Reiki treatment, Lori reported Lilly appeared more animated with a seemingly new lease on life which brought hope to both dog and human. Needless to say, Lori was thrilled with the results of Lilly's weekly Animal Communication phone sessions and long-distance Reiki treatments. 

A couple weeks after her health scare, Lilly was strong enough to return to daycare. This was huge because Lori could go back to work knowing Lilly was safe and well cared for. Lilly loved her daycare providers and communicated to me she was happy to back to her normal return.

During one of our weekly phone sessions in early December, Lori asked Lilly what she wanted most. Lilly gleefully conveyed “I want to spend Christmas with my beloved Lori. I know it’s going to be our best Christmas EVER!”

After hearing Lilly's wishes, Lori postponed her holiday trip to France until the beginning of the new year so she could share the next few weeks and Christmas with her fuzzy best friend. 

At this point, Lori finally gave herself permission to buy Christmas gifts for her dog because she trusted Lilly would be around to celebrate their favorite holiday together. Knowing Christmas was just around the corner made them both happy,  

And sure enough, Lilly and Lori shared their best Christmas ever and created memories that Lori keeps in her heart.

Before leaving for Europe, Lori called me to check in with Lilly who encouraged Lori to enjoy her trip. Most importantly, Lilly promised to do her best not to transition before Lori returned home. 

Lilly did remarkedly well while Lori was away as I continued Lilly's Reiki treatments.

Lori checked her voice mail on a stopover on her way home where she received an urgent message from Lilly’s caregivers. Apparently, Lilly suffered a seizure or stroke and was in ICU at the animal hospital.  Lilly's caregiver then begged for permission to euthanize her.

After talking with the pet sitter, Lori called me to find out how her girl was feeling. Lori's voice cracked as she fought back her tears. "Please tell Lilly I'm only a couple of hours away. I need her to be strong and hang on. I don't want her dying without me."

I shared Lor's message with Lilly, who said, “I’m okay for now. Reassure Lori that I will do my best to wait for her. I am happy she went to France. Tell her that I love her with all my heart and soul.”

Lori was determined to be with Lilly, especially if it was truly time to say "goodbye." She asked me to tell Lilly not to give up as she would be by her side as soon as physically possible.

I encouraged Lori to stay positive. If anyone could hang on, it was Lilly. Lori asked me to offer her Reiki until she was able to get to the animal hospital, which I did. I could tell it helped Lori knowing Reiki was being sent. I also felt it helped Lilly relax into her transition home to Spirit.

While I sensed Lilly's Spirit slipping from her beautiful body, I felt her strong determination to wait until Lori arrived. When Lori got to Lilly's side, her Spirit slipped out of her body even though she was still breathing. 

At that moment, it was crystal clear that the only humane choice was to give Lilly a kind and loving death with euthanasia. 

But before Lori made the final decision, she called me to check with Lilly one more time to make sure Lilly was okay with being euthanized. I knew this was one of the hardest decisions Lori would ever make. When I asked Lilly if she was ready to transition. She responded, "I couldn't imagine transitioning without Lori holding me and surrounding me with her love. I always feel safe in Lori's arms. So yes, I'm ready as my body can no longer support my Spirit."

Despite her intense sadness, Lori knew it was Lilly’s time and assisted her beloved companion into the light as she held her puffy girl for the last time surrounding her with love.

Lori later wrote me, “I wanted to do Reiki as an alternative instead of surgery for Lilly’s many problems because surgery could have left her paralyzed and in even worse shape than she was. I’m so happy we did Reiki and that we were able to communicate telepathically so I could understand Lilly’s wishes and her thoughts. It meant so much!”

Lilly shared the following:
I want to encourage all humans to empower their animal companions by giving them a "voice" so they can be heard and better understood by their humans. It made a huge difference that Lori and I worked in partnership. I'm grateful for the combination of Animal Communication and Reiki. This powerful duo gave us the precious gift of time.   

Hearing your animal's “voice” using telepathic Animal Communication in combination with Reiki creates an amazing healing union which brings empowerment, healing, love, hope and even the gift of time.


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