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Bodhi Celebrates His Birthday with Girlfriends

Bodhi's Birthday   Paw-ty with his girlfriends  is a huge success! Bodhi with special friend Sabrina Renee It's hard to believe that my Puff Doggy , Bodhi Bear is 4 years old already. Boy time seems to fly by way too fast.  To celebrate Bodhi's birthday this year, I thought it would be fun for him to spend time with some of his close friends.  So Bodhi's week long Birthday Extravaganza  was hatched. His week started off with good friend MacGuvyer the Puggle. Together, they ate Burger Bites.  The Burger paw-ty was followed by Bodhi's  Fuzzy Birthday Party with the Keesateers, Harvey, and Eli.  Bodhi's 3rd and final paw-ty is with his girlfriends: Sabrina Renee the Golden Retriever along with Greta and Tonks, who are German Shepherds. Bodhi shares his excitement as I tell him that his girlfriends are arriving shortly to celebrate his special day with him: Here are Bodhi's paw-ty guests: Sabrina Renee the Golden Tonks

Bodhi's Fuzzy Birthday Party

Bodhi is reunited with his Keeshonden friends, Eli and Harvey, to celebrate Bodhi's 4th Birthday. Bodhi Bear Is A Paw-ty Animal! As I mentioned in my last blog post, I love celebrating my dog's birthday. This year is no exception. Now 4 years old, Bodhi is quite popular, so I need to have few parties to accommodate his many dog friends.  Today's party is all about his fuzzy friends, Eli and Harvey. Together, the 3 Keeshonden are affectionately known as The Keesateers. Bodhi and I are thrilled that his DFFs (Dog Friends FurEver) and their mom, Julie, are coming to celebrate with us. The Keesateers: Bodhi, Eli, and Harvey  Bodhi shares his excitement about 5 minutes before his fuzzy friends arrive.  Bodhi absolutely knew Eli and Harvey were close by because he ran to the window about 30 seconds before they drove up. Once here, The Keesateers couldn't contain their excitement:  It's Dog Paw-ty time: Harvey, Eli, and Bodhi Mu

Celebrating Bodhi the Keeshond's Birthday

Do You Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday or GotchYa Day? My Keeshond and Birthday Boy, Bodhi Bear  I do. I love showing my animal family how much I love them by celebrating their Birthdays and GotchYa Day each year.  Okay, maybe I take it a bit far giving Bodhi a few parties but he's worth it. Plus I love making him a happy dog. It's hard to believe he's 4 years old already. Time has flown by as it feels like only yesterday that he was just a baby puff. Baby Puff Doggy Bodhi Bear Now he's grown up and quite the Puff Doggy . "Is It Burger Time?" Bodhi Bear loves celebrating his birthday with good friends like his puppyhood buddy and DFF, MacGuyver the Puggle aka "Mush-A-Moo." MacGuyver The Puggle aka "Moo" This year, Bodhi asked his Godfather, Craig, to grill up some Birthday Burgers for his special day. Birthday Burgers on the Grill So being a great Dog Father, Craig tossed a few

Discovering New Creatures Using Telepathy

A lot can be learned from communicating telepathically with different species.   For over 30 years, I've developed and honed my telepathic skills as an Animal Mus e so I can easily and instantly translate what animals are thinking and feeling for humans.  In other words, I speak fluent telepathy which helps me to better understand animals and other living beings in the web of life. Thanks to my telepathic abilities, I've discovered a lot about the world around me by communicating telepathically with all species including insects.  A great example of this happened a couple of weeks ago when my dog Bodhi discovered an unusual insect flying around our neighborhood that I had never seen before. Is it a moth? Or is it a Hummingbird? Bodhi first noticed the bug when it flew by his ear to consume nectar from my neighbor's Salvia plant during our last walk of the evening right after dusk. It was hard to get a good look at what was buzzing Bodhi given

Animal Communication and Reiki Are A Powerful Combination

It’s never easy when a beloved pet doesn’t feel well, especially when it’s chronic or life-threatening. It can be an anxious and upsetting time for both the caregiver and animal. Worst of all, it can bring up feelings of hopelessness, fear, and stress. When Animal Communication and  Reiki  are combined, they create an amazing healing fusion of hope, love, and understanding. Lori and her Keeshond Lilly's story is a wonderful example of how this powerful healing combo brought them the precious gift of time when Lilly's chronic illness became life-threatening. Lilly the Keeshond Lilly was a beautiful six-year-old silver and black Keeshond when Lori rescued her sight unseen. Lori drove several hours out-of-state to adopt this adorable puff ball after reading a brief description about her on a Keeshonden rescue website. From the moment they met, Lori and Lilly fell instantly in love and became fast best friends. A few years later, Lilly was diagnosed with dege