Have You Checked In with Your Animal Family Lately?

When was the last time you asked your animal family how they were feeling or if they had something to share with you?

Animals love to share their hearts with their humans. It makes them happy when you hear and understand their thoughts, feelings and viewpoints. This includes what's on their mind; how they're feeling; and what else you can do to make their life even sweeter.

Like you, your pets appreciate it when they feel heard and validated.

My dog Bodhi enjoying his back yard.

Humans are complex with very busy minds given we have over 40,000 thoughts a day. The busy signals your animals receive can create miscommunications and misunderstanding. 

To negate miscommunication, it's important to check in with your animals as an integral part of their pet care routine.

Regular communication with your animal companions helps you both better understand one another from a heartfelt perspective which creates more balance and harmony. 

Telepathic animal communication builds a special bridge by connecting you with your animal's heart. By doing so creates a deeper understanding and awareness.

For many of my clients, regular check-ins with their animal families are akin to talking with human kids. They find talking with their pets, with my assistance, weekly or bi-weekly, is an important part of their pet care routine like going to vet, grooming and exercise. It's important to to my clients that they know how they can help their pets from their pet's perspective.

I recently spoke with Sailor the horse. His person called me because she knew Sailor had something important to share but needed my assistance to figure it out.

When I asked Sailor what was going on, he explained that he felt over-schooled in their favorite sport: 3-Day Eventing, which combines 3 events: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. Sailor also confirmed that his favorite event is cross-country. He then suggested that they practice Dressage to music and requested a ball to play with to reduce the stress he was feeling.

After our session, Sailor's mom emailed me: "I feel lighter today - I hope Sailor does, as well."

I responded: "I’m happy talking with Sailor has helped you feel lighter. Sailor says that he feels better and lighter since communicating with you."

Buffy, a 4-pound Pomeranian, is a bundle of joy who is also a "doggie fashionista." She first came to into her person's life as a foster dog. It only took Buffy a short couple of days to wiggle her way into Terry's heart. So Terry adopted her. In addition to Buffy, Terry shares her home with Henley, also a Pom,  along with 3 cats: Calvin, Blue and Dillon the Doodlebug.

Terry reached out to me to make sure Buffy's needs were being meet. Terry wanted to know how the latest addition to her family was doing.

Buffy told Terry that her knees were bothering her. This wasn't surprising since her knees are so bad it makes it difficult for her to walk. Thankfully, Buffy loves being held.

Buffy asked Terry for a ramp so she could get onto the couch whenever she wanted to. She also thanked Terry for giving her a home and purpose.
It's amazing how observant and knowledgeable animals are about what's going on in your life.

By giving animals a "voice" with my help, will bring better understanding into your relationship with with your animal family.

During a telephone animal communication session, you can receive answers to many topics including:
  • Is there anything my animal wants to tell me?
  • Why are you in my life?
  • How are you feeling?
  • How can I support you as you age?
  • What, if anything, can I do differently?
  • Is there anything you'd like to teach me?
  • Are you ready to transition home to Spirit?

Not sure what to ask your animal family? Visit my Why Call page.

Want to Know What's On Your Animal Family's Mind? 
Schedule An Animal Communication Session to find out.

It's easy to do. Just email me or call 925-671-9208 (Pacific time). Your animal family will thank you for taking the time to share your hearts together.


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