Despite Uncertain Times, Mother Earth Is Here For Us

These are uncertain times for many reasons. You feel it and so do your animals. And of course, Mother Earth feels it.

Mother Earth and her myriad of creatures ask for deeper consciousness and awareness from humans.

How do we do this?

My Animal Communication Mentor and dear friend, Penelope Smith, wants to remind us that Mother Earth will always be here for us.

Watch Penelope as she shares messages from the Great Mother, dogs, elephants, and whales in this beautifully made video, now in 5 different languages.

Mother Earth shared the following message with me after I watched Penelope's video: 
I ask for your love, compassion and support by advocating for me in whatever way you feel guided to do so. 
One way you can help is by making your voice heard by voting for representatives who support all my children whether they're human, animal, flora or fauna. We all need one another .
Another way is to become mindful of what you buy because consumerism has a direct and major impact on every living being and goes to the core of my essence. 
Always listen to your heart as it's the bridge to the rest of the world connecting everyone with love and compassion which cultivates the desire to do good for all. 
Many blessings to you all!

 What do you think we can do to help Mother Earth and her species?

I'd love to hear your ideas. We no longer have time to waste. Mother Earth will survive. But will we?


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