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9 Benefits of offering Animal Reiki to your Pet

Blocked and unbalanced energy in your pet can lead to increased stress and illness. Reiki  works by bringing about a deep relaxation response.  By increasing relaxation, Reiki promotes healing while decreasing stress, pain, and anxiety in your animal companions. Holistic by nature, Reiki helps with all aspects of your animal's being, whether it's physical, emotional, mental, behavioral or spiritual. One of the best aspects of Reiki is it can do no harm and safely complements all healing modalities whether they are holistic or Western that you may be using under the supervision of your veterinarian.** Sabrina Renee loves receiving Reiki from Cathy There are many benefits to offering Reiki to your animal family including: Reiki can be offered in-person or from a distance so your pet can receive Reiki in their homes or where ever they feel comfortable and safe. This facilitates helping pets enter into a deep relaxation space where innate healing begins.

Feeling Guilty While Caring for My Senior Dog -- Guest Blog Post by Lisa Spector

Being a caregiver for your pet, no matter what their age, is challenging physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It's exhausting taking care of your senior animal, even though you're happy to love and support your senior friend. Caregiving sometimes creates feelings that may surprise you including frustration, anxiety, anger and even guilt. Talking with your pet can give your insight, support, and guidance in ways that may be totally unexpected yet welcomed.  Lisa Spector's Animal Muses' Sanchez and Gina Lisa Spector , creator of the music and sound therapy series Through A Dog's Ear and Through A Cat's Ear , recently reached out to me for guidance when she was feeling guilty about leaving her senior dog, Sanchez.  Here is Lisa's guest post about her experience talking with Sanchez and how it helped alleviate her guilt about leaving him. Feeling Guilty While Caring for My Senior Dog by Lisa Spector, Guest Blogger Lis