Friday, January 13, 2017

Grandpa the Tortoise Turning 106 Years Old!

In a past blog post, I talked about my oldest living client, Grandpa the Giant Tortoise. (Click Here to Read Grandpa's Story).

I recently checked in with Grandpa with his person, Carolyn. When the subject of Grandpa came up during her consultation, Carolyn exclaimed, "I can't believe Grandpa is turning 106 years old soon. I have to admit, it's pretty amazing that he's been alive for over a century and still going strong. I bet he'll out live me for sure!"

Grandpa the Giant Tortoise enjoying a succulent 

I asked Carolyn how Grandpa's hibernation was going since reptiles hibernate during the colder months of the year.

Carolyn replied, "I recently learned that Grandpa is in brumation, not hibernation."

"Brumation?" I inquired. What's that? I've never heard the term."

Carolyn explained, "It turns out that reptiles, like Grandpa, brumate while mammals hibernate. A brumating reptile can be lethargic and may move around a bit. A mammal, like a chipmunk, will sleep without interruption."

"Is Grandpa brumating behind the toilet like he's done in previous years," I asked.

"No. I decided to put Grandpa in a shoebox in the garage because flushing the toilet was disturbing him. "

Grandpa communicated to me that he was happy with Carolyn's decision to put him in the garage. He mused, "I'm enjoying my brumation in my shoebox without the whoosh of the flushing toilet. It's peaceful and quiet."


Stefani said...

i wish I could meet grandpa - he sounds like a cool dude

Cathy Malkin said...

Grandpa is a cool dude, but you'll have to wait until he's done brumating and out of his shoebox to meet him!