Animal Communicator Helps Rabbit Die with Dignity

When my long-time client, Connie called me, I could hear in her voice that something was up and it didn't sound like it was good news. Through her tears, Connie explained that her rabbit, Carter, wasn't doing well due to his severe arthritis and several bulging discs. Despite her best efforts to keep Carter comfortable and happy, he could no longer hop because he had just lost control over his back legs.

Connie needed me to ask Carter if he was ready to transition and if she could assist him at home with euthanasia. She confessed, "It's so hard watching him struggle. I can't let him live like this. And he's just getting worse."

When I "tuned in" to Carter telepathically, I immediately felt severe pain radiating throughout his body. I also sensed he felt disoriented, nauseated and dizzy.*

Carter communicated, "As much as I never want to leave my body, my body can no longer support my Spirit. I know it's my time. I'm a bunny and I need to hop. Please let Connie know that it's ok to assist me and that I love her very much."

When I shared Carter's answer with Connie, she said, "As much as I don't want to say "goodbye" to him, I'm relieved by your answer. Thank you for validating what I'm feeling. Knowing this takes a huge burden off my shoulders. I'll call the vet as soon as we hang up."

I asked Connie to let me know when the veterinarian was coming to her home so I could tell Carter and offer him Reiki to ease his transition.

Later that afternoon, I received the following from Connie, "The vet is coming tonight around 6:30 or 7. Would you like me to let you know just before we give him the sedative if I can remember?"

Carter the day he went home to Spirit
I replied, "Not necessary. Focus on Carter and all your love for each other. He says he's grateful for his happy life and the amazing gift you're about to give him--freedom from his suffering. Sending both of you big hugs and lots of love."

After Carter was euthanized, Connie wrote, "The vet came over and Carter went to sleep peacefully. I sat with him on the couch for 3 hours and petted him and gave him treats. Thank you so much for giving me the confirmation and support that it was the right decision and right time. It made it so much easier for me to let him go. 🐰🙏"

I responded, "I'm honored to help you both. Carter says his Spirit is now soaring with the Angels and is free from suffering. He'll see you in your dreams. My heartfelt condolences. 💖"

A couple of days after euthanizing Carter, I received a distressed called from Connie. She was crying, "I'm haunted by the thought that I didn't euthanize Carter soon enough. I'm worried that I prolonged his suffering. How could I have waited so long? Why didn't I reach out to you as soon as I recognized how quickly his health had declined. I feel guilty that I continued his treatments that required long drives in the car. What was I thinking"

When I communicated with Carter about Connie's concerned, he replied, "Tell her that she didn't wait too long to euthanize me. I wasn't ready to transition until the day before she called you. A part of me was hopeful that I would get better. Once I lost my ability to hop, I knew my quality of life was gone. The thought of living without hopping was too much to bear. Now I am free of my suffering."

When I conveyed Carter's message to Connie, she felt a huge sense of relief. She promised to no longer focus on the notion that she kept him alive too long. Instead, Connie promised to celebrate Carter's amazing life by creating an altar in his memory. 

One of the most important aspects of my Animal Communication practice is my ability to ask your pets if it's their time to transition home to Spirit. I can also communicate with them after they have died. 

By giving your animal a "voice," you can find how they want to transition. When you elicit your animal's feelings regarding their death, you to work in partnership with them instead of feeling like you're playing "God." By doing so can bring you tremendous solace during a difficult time because it feels a lot better having your animal's input and perspectives, given you may be making one of the most difficult decisions in your lifetime.

Once your pet has transitioned, I can also communicate with them like I did with Carter. While it's never easy to say, "goodbye" to a beloved animal companion, I can help ease your pain and suffering with your pet's help along with offering you Pet Loss and Grief Support.

*Please Note: I'm not a veterinarian and do not diagnose animals. However, I can relate any feelings and sensations your pet relates to me to you. If you feel your animal is not well, contact your veterinarian immediately.


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