Animal Communication and Reiki Brings Hope to Dying Dog

When combined, telepathic Animal Communication and Reiki form a wonderful partnership that can help animals in remarkable ways. Hearing your pet’s “voice” and offering Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) allows you to work in cooperation with your companion animal as well as bringing hope despite a terminal prognosis.

A good example of how Animal Communication and Animal Reiki work together was when my sister, Stefani, received the devastating news that her eleven-and-a-half-year-old rescued Keeshond, Mugsy, was terminally ill from a failing gallbladder.

From the moment Mugsy bounced into our lives with a rubber basketball in his mouth, I frequently communicated with him from California where I lived given he lived in New York with my sister and her family.

Mugsy the Keeshond came from a horrific puppy mill to change my family's life.

After receiving the devastating diagnosis that he was suffering from irreversible gallbladder disease, Stefani depended on regular telepathic communication with my assistance to validate what she was sensing and feeling from Mugsy.

Besides Animal Communication, frequent Reiki treatments also became a valuable part of Mugsy overall hospice plan.

Kathleen PrasadPresident of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association and my Animal Reiki Teacher, explains that “Reiki helps us to connect more deeply with the animals we love. Within this energetic connection, we often understand more fully what they are going through or how they are feeling. This can be a great support in communication.”

When Mugsy’s veterinarian suggested Stefani consult with a surgeon about the possibility of surgically removing Mugsy’s gallbladder, Stefani didn’t know what to think, feel or do. She loved Mugsy with her entire heart and wanted to give him the best shot at life. Her gut told her that surgery wasn’t the right option for Mugsy due to his age. Plus she couldn’t shake the vision of Mugsy dying on the operating table. Neither could Mugsy.

Stefani felt it was important to know how Mugsy felt about the surgery. If he had said yes, she would have been surprised given his fear at the veterinarian.

When I asked Mugsy telepathically what he’d like do, he sweetly replied, “While I’m not afraid of dying, I am scared I will die while in surgery. I want my beloved Stefani by my side when I transition. Therefore, I’m willing to forgo surgery and wait it out until my gallbladder fails, if Stefani is on board with me.”

When I conveyed Mugsy's message to Stefani, she felt a huge sense of relief. She said it felt like a huge burden had been lifted because Mugsy’s words validated her strong intuition about surgery. Once Stefani felt she was on the same page as her dog about his treatment options and subsequent hospice care, a wave of calm washed over Stefani and Mugsy.

“Communication with Mugsy was paramount in helping me feel less anxious and stressed about his deteriorating health. This, in turn, helped Mugsy to feel safe and supported so he could enjoy whatever time he had with us,” Stefani explained.

Mugsy is my "Fuzzy Nephew" and Angel Dog

For the next few months, I offered Mugsy Reiki on an as-needed basis. As his disease progressed, he received more frequent treatments. After each treatment, Stefani reported that Mugsy seemed more relaxed. She seemed surprised when he'd perk up and become more animated. He even walked with a spring in his step that was noticeably absent before receiving Reiki. He approached his daily walks with more enthusiasm and seemingly less pain. Mugsy, a true “chow hound,” consistently exhibited an increased appetite after each Reiki treatment which contributed to him feeling better overall.

Stefani said, “Reiki gave me hope and something positive I could offer Mugsy when I felt anxious and hopeless about his future. This was especially true when my Mugs was having a bad day.”
One of the hardest aspects of Mugsy’s illness was the fact that no one knew when his gallbladder would fail, which produced tremendous anxiety for my sister and me. The vet’s diagnosis made it clear his gallbladder was a ticking time bomb since it was only a matter of time before it would rupture and end his life.

Mugsy’s regular Reiki treatments, while not a cure, did bring more balance and peace to Stefani and Mugsy during his long eight-month journey receiving hospice care.

Stefani credits both the Animal Communication and Animal Reiki for bringing more peace and understanding throughout Mugsy’s life, his illness, hospice care and dying process.

I feel honored to know Mugsy. He was an amazing dog who came from auspicious beginnings, at one of the worst puppy mills in New York state, to becoming a dear friend and valued family member. Despite being In Spirit, I continue to communicate with Mugsy.

This is a collage I made through my tears when I heard that Mugsy had transitioned.

Thankfully my sister and her family were not dogless for long. Within a few days of Mugsy's departure, our family was blessed with another bouncing Keeshond, Fozzie Bear.

Fozzie Bear arrived after Mugsy soared with the Angels.


Stefani said…
Thank you fir the beautiful memory of our beloved mugs
Unknown said…
What an amazing and beautiful story. Cathy has helped my family through a very difficult, painful and unknowing situation. Her communicator abilities and love of animals is amazing. Our Zac was suddenly paralyzed. It was obvious he was frightened. Long story short, he was frightened but not for the reasons we thought. Cathy helped us help Zac. Miraculously, with the the communication, Reiki, the right medical approach and our understanding, Zac is now back to about 95% of full functioning on his good days.

Thank you for sharing Mugsy and Stefani's story! It gives hope!
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry for your loss to Mugsy. After the pet cremation seattle wa my mom adopt a new pet from the shelter, she wants me to be happy even our dearest Gary passed away.

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