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How To Recognize Stress In Your Pet

Stress in pets is more common than you may realize. Our increased feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety can affect our pets. Stress, worry, and anxiety are now part of the "new normal" as we all weather the current Covid-19 pandemic.  If you are feeling worried and concerned, then there is a good likelihood your pet will take on your stressful feelings. Why? Pets are incredibly sensitive to the energy in their environment, whether it's joy, peace, anger, anxiety, or stress. Plus, they don't like it when their humans suffer and want to help us feel better. Your animal family can experience stress and anxiety more often than you may realize. Stress, if left unchecked, can negatively impact your pet's behavior, health, and overall quality of life. As a pet parent, it's essential to recognize when your pet feels stressed-out. Animals offer clear signals when they're feeling anxious and worried. Then it's up to you to provide your animal fa