Scientific Study Proves Dogs Know What Humans Are Telling Them

As an Animal Communicator, my practice is based on the knowledge that animals understand humans' words and intonations.  It's validating when science validates what I've intuitively known. 

The Family Dog Project. located in Budapest, Hungary recently released a scientific study that shows how a dog's brain responds to human speech and understand what the tone of your voice is communicating.

Scientists used dogs trained to lie still in a MRI machine so their brains could be studied while responding to human words and the intonation of those words. The study concluded that dogs and humans use the same part of the brain to process speech and speech recognition.

According to Science News, "Dogs process speech much like people do, a new study finds. Meaningful words like “good boy” activate the left side of a dog’s brain regardless of the tone of voice used, while a region on the right side of the brain responds to intonation."

This video from the Family Dog Project explains how dogs respond to human speech and speech recognition.

The scientists behind this study also conclude that other animals, like cats, understand humans in the same way as dogs do. 

So the next time you strike up a conversation with your pets, keep in mind that they know what you are saying and understand what the tone of your voice is conveying.  


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