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Reiki Helps Dog with Cancer

Reiki helped Australian Shepherd, Sparky, cope and deal with life-threatening Lymphoma.  A few years ago, when my Animal Reiki teacher, Kathleen Prasad , put out the call for stories to include in her book about how Reiki helps dogs, I jumped at the opportunity to share Sparky's story.  Now In Spirit, Sparky taught me about the power of Reiki especially when it comes to helping dogs and other pets with cancer. Here is Sparky's story that appeared in Kathleen's book,  Reiki for Dogs: Using Spiritual Energy to Heal and Vitalize Man's Best Friend Sparky, a sweet, shy and loving Australian Shepherd, holds a special place in my heart. I've known him since he was rescued by his person, Barbara, seven years ago. Sadly, Sparky  was diagnosed with lymphoma last summer. His body is riddled with lumps of various sizes and shapes with the largest mass located under his right shoulder. The two tumors under his jaw clearly affected the quality of his life

Dog Friendships In The Circle of Life

3 years ago yesterday, I said goodbye to my dear friend and heart dog, Kobe Bear.  Despite being able to communicate with him telepathically, I continue to miss my Puff Doggy terribly.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him or talk with him.  Kobe Bear The only good thing that came from his passing is finding my current Keeshond, Bodhi Bear. I'm grateful Bodhi arrived 3 weeks later because he saved my heart which was shattered into a million pieces. Sabrina Renee with Kobe Bear Kobe Bear enjoyed hanging out with his many girlfriends. When Sabrina's predecessor, Abby, passed on, Kobe immediately befriended baby Sabrina Renee. They instantly became good friends. When Kobe transitioned, Sabrina befriended Bodhi Bear as soon as they met. They continue to be good friends. Kobe Bear and MacGuyver The same thing happened with MacGuyver the Puggle. Kobe and Mac were DFFs* and adored each other. When Kobe passed, Mac and I cri