104 year old Tortoise Talks About His Life

As an Animal Communicator, I love communicating telepathically with all species. I generally speak to pets like dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits, so it's a special treat to talk with less common pets, like Grandpa the Tortoise.


Grandpa dining on hibiscus

At 104 years old, Grandpa is the oldest animal and living being I've ever spoken with. From what I discovered from a brief search on the internet, Grandpa might be one of the oldest living desert tortoises in the world. 

Grandpa has lived with his current person since she was born. Grandpa explained that he raised his person, Carolyn. Carolyn's mom got Grandpa when he was a just a baby. Carolyn "inherited" him when her mom passed away and has known him for 60 years.

Carolyn asked me to talk with Grandpa so she could get answers to some of her questions. She wanted to know how Grandpa was feeling and what, if anything, she could do to make him a happier tortoise.

Despite his grand stature, Grandpa only weighs 9.9 pounds. He enjoys sitting Carolyn's lap where he says he feels comfortable and safe. So Grandpa sat on Carolyn's lap while I interpreted his thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints.

When I began communicating with Grandpa, I mistakenly referred to him as a turtle. Grandpa was indignant and made it crystal clear that he's not a turtle. So I asked him what the difference was. He said he's not into swimming or spending time in water except to drink. As a tortoise, he explained, he's strictly an earth dweller.

After our talk, I googled the difference between a turtle and tortoise. Grandpa was 100% correct. Tortoises dwell on land only. Turtles, on the other hand, need to live in water, at least some of the time.

The more I listened to Grandpa, the more I found him to be a wise, grounded and loving spirit. He enjoys being gently massaged by Carolyn when he sits on her lap. He also enjoys following her around the yard and house.

I was taken aback by his wisdom, kindness and his detailed memory. I have to admit I developed a bit of a "crush" on him the more I got to know him. I particularly enjoyed his sense of humor.

Grandpa is also stubborn and determined. Like the time he wanted to come into the house, and no one was around to let him in. Grandpa took matters into his own hands and decided to let himself in by breaking through the screen the door, not once, but twice! 

Grandpa asked Carolyn for a "tortoise door" so he can come and go at his leisure. Carolyn felt adding a door was an easy solution to bring him happiness. Grandpa is one lucky Tortoise!

Grandpa loves apricots.

Before Carolyn could ask Grandpa what his favorite food was, I heard Grandpa declare that "Apricots are my most favorite food in the whole world!" He continued to say that Carolyn wasn't giving him enough of them.  Carolyn promised to get him apricots as soon as we were done talking. That made him very happy!

Tortoises brumate (hibernation for tortoises) during the winter months. Given that Grandpa lives in Northern California, it's an ongoing challenge to find an appropriate space that remains cold enough to support his brumation. 

Grandpa felt the garage, in years past, wasn't consistently cold enough. He also said he didn't want to brumate in a refrigerator, which apparently some people do with their tortoises. Carolyn laughed out loud when I told her this. We reassured Grandpa that no one would ever put him in a wine cooler!

Grandpa asked if he can brumate behind the toilet this year instead of the garage because the temperature in the bathroom is more consistent. Carolyn felt this was another easy request to fulfill. She's planning on posting a sign in the bathroom warning people of Grandpa's presence so as not to startle him out of his deep slumber. 

Grandpa's cats, Mel and Mick
Grandpa shares his home with two cats, Mel, an orange tabby and Mick, who is orange and white. The cats are cousins who grew up with Grandpa. According to Mel and Mick, they don't mind Grandpa, except on the rare occasions when he urinates in the house. The cats can't stand the smell of reptile urine--it's nasty. Carolyn couldn't disagree with her cats.  Other than that, Mel and Mick feel Grandpa is a pretty cool and don't know life without him.

According to Grandpa, he still has many more adventures to experience and apricots to eat. He's a contented and healthy Tortoise who plans on living for many more years to come. Given a few Giant tortoises have lived to be 150, Grandpa could end up being the oldest living tortoise in the world.


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