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104 year old Tortoise Talks About His Life

As an Animal Communicator, I love communicating telepathically with all species. I generally speak to pets like dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits, so it's a special treat to talk with less common pets, like Grandpa the Tortoise.   Grandpa dining on hibiscus At 104 years old, Grandpa is the oldest animal and living being I've ever spoken with. From what I discovered from a brief search on the internet, Grandpa might be one of the oldest living desert tortoises in the world.  Grandpa has lived with his current person since she was born. Grandpa explained that he raised his person, Carolyn. Carolyn's mom got Grandpa when he was a just a baby. Carolyn "inherited" him when her mom passed away and has known him for 60 years. Carolyn asked me to talk with Grandpa so she could get answers to some of her questions. She wanted to know how Grandpa was feeling and what, if anything, she could do to make him a happier tortoise. Despite his grand stature, Grandpa

What Is Animal Reiki?

Me offering Reiki to Bodhi Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is a Japanese energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, stress-reduction and inner healing.   For many years, it was thought that Reiki only helped people. We now know that Reiki is effective in helping animals, including your pets, wildlife and farm animals. The main difference between Reiki for humans and Animal Reiki is in how it's offered. Hand positions are emphasized when offering Reiki to people. With Animal Reik i, hand positions aren't important . Why? Because animals don't have hands.  Human hands can be scary and intimidating to animals. This is especially true for pets, farm animals and wildlife who aren't comfortable being touched. From the time I was a teenager, I've studied many different healing techniques for both humans and animals, including Healing Touch for Animals , animal massage, T-Touch and acupressure.  The main problem I experienced

How Animal Reiki Works

Me offering Reiki to Bodhi Energy healing techniques, like Animal Reiki, work by releasing energetic blockages in an animal’s entire being. Blocked energy creates imbalances, which can lead to illness and disease.  By definition, Reiki is holistic in nature as it can effect an animal's entire being: mind, body, emotions and spirit. However, it is not a massage because you don't need to touch or be physically present with an animal to offer them Reiki. Animal Reiki brings about a deep relaxation response which allows the body to gently release blocked energy. When an animal's energy is unblocked and balanced, it leads to increased wellness and happiness for your pet and you! Reiki unblocks stagnate energy to bring about balance or homeostasis in your pet. In my experience, animals are intuitively drawn to the peaceful and calm energy that Reiki creates. Animals consistently communicate to me that this loving, compassionate energy is