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Animal Reiki Helps Dying Dog

Cathy with Kobe Bear For animals who are dying, Reiki is an especially powerful, yet gentle tool, to offer your pets and other animals as they go through hospice and the dying process . Reiki is pure love and therefore offers animals loving support. It helps all species relax, which calms them from pain, fear, and anxiety, making their transition to Spirit more peaceful. It was an early July morning. Something wasn't right with my dog, Kobe Bear, a male Keeshond . He started to act funny and walked like he was drunk. Plus he was distressed and anxious.   The only thing I knew to do, was offer him Reiki and get to the vet. I continued sending Reiki while waiting to take him to the vets, and during the long 10 minute car ride to the vet. At the time, Kobe and I had no idea he was dying. Kobe appreciated the Reiki as it calmed him down and helped him relax. Then in an instant, Kobe transitioned in my arms in the backseat of my car as we waited in the vet par