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5 Animal Communication Tips

Has your animal been staring at you? Do you feel like she has something to communicate with you?  MacGuyver the Puggle loves to communicate telepathically. Animal Communication  is a telepathic connection between people and animals. It's different than verbal or physical communication because it's done silently. All beings, including humans and animals,  are animated by Spirit, and therefore, speak the universal language of telepathy.  Animals, like people, are spiritual beings. Telepathy creates a bridge of "communication" that empowers animals to be heard and better understood by humans.  Learning animal communication is as much a journey of self-discovery, as it is about discovering who animals are at a deep spiritual level. Your animal family, along with wildlife, want you to reclaim your natural ability to listen to their "musings." Animals tell me that time is of the essence to hear their "voices" as they have deep insight into

Do You Have a "Heart Animal?"

The other day, I was talking with a client who had recently lost her beloved Chihuahua, Bella. As I communicated with her beautiful dog In Spirit, I asked my client, "Bella was your 'Heart Dog,' wasn't she?" My client tearfully replied, "I have never heard of the term, 'Heart Dog. '   But now that you say it, that's exactly what my Bella was -- she was my Heart Dog." A "Heart Dog" or "Heart Animal" is an animal who opens your heart and helps you live each day with an open heart.  Qualities that define open-heartedness are loving-kindness, compassion, empathy and unconditional love. I have had three Heart Dogs in my life. KC and Kobe Bear were my first Heart Dogs. I now have my sweet Bodhi Bear, who constantly reminds me to live in my heart.  Animals understand the importance of connecting with an open heart and they know it will deepen their relationship with you, while making you both happy. Since your an