Reiki Brings Peace to Shelter Dogs Video

This incredible video showcases how Animal Reiki creates peace for stressed-out shelter dogs. Watch as my Animal Reiki Teacher, Kathleen Prasad, offers Reiki to dogs at the SPCA in Oakland, California. Within 35 minutes of offering them Animal Reiki, the shelter dogs became peaceful and quiet as they relaxed and calmed down.

As an Animal Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, I continually experience firsthand how powerful yet gentle Reiki is when offered to stressed animals like these shelter dogs. It doesn't matter if an animal is in a shelter, ill, anxious or transitioning, Animal Reiki helps animals with all aspect of their lives.

Thank you Kathleen Prasad and the Shelter Animal Reiki Association for showing us how Animal Reiki can help Shelter Animals and all the animals in our lives.


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