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Dolphin Rescue in Hawaii

As an "Animal Muse," it doesn't surprise me when animals, especially wild animals, approach humans for help. In this video, a Spinner dolphin approaches a group of divers, who are doing a night dive to see Manta Rays. Clearly, the dolphin is in trouble, as you see how his movements are restricted.  This amazing video speaks volumes that wild animals do approach people for help when they need it. It also shows the amazing team work and cooperation of the Manta Community in Hawaii who strive for ocean and animal conservation. If you watch closely, you will see the dolphin ask the diver for help. I do feel the dolphin chose this diver because of his experience and his heart. The dolphin sensed that this experienced diver would do no harm. I had goosebumps watching the dolphin floating patiently as the diver gingerly removed the embedded line.  Thank you Martina Wing of Ocean Wings Hawaii for sharing this incredible video with the world .

Kobe Bear is a TV Star

Kobe Bear was thrilled when he was tapped to be a "KOFY Dog." Kobe says he is proud of his work and looks forward to his next starring role. Please "like" Kobe Bear's videos as he hopes to be the most popular KOFY-TV20 dog ever!